by Dave Chalk
(Mt. Pleasant, WI)


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Taz was a wonderful cat for 14 1/2 years. She passed away recently. She was a runt in a litter. She was amazing. All I or my wife would have to say is, "I am going to bed" and she would would go to our bedroom door.

I would ask her if she wanted to go to her room, she would walk to our bedroom or to a spare bedroom during the day to rest.

Any question asked of her was answered with a meow. She would walk up the driveway talking to herself or walk through the house chatting away.

She knew the front door from the back door by command. If I came to bed after she had gone to bed, I would lay down, she would start talking until I put my arm out for her to curl up in. I miss her.

If someone could give me a reasonable estimate of her mixed breed, I would appreciate it.

Dave Chalk

Hi Dave... thanks for sharing. You had a special cat and intelligent cat. Although all cats are special to regular visitors to PoC.

Taz is a handsome long haired cat with a ruff. She looks quite stocky and solid. The cat breed she reminds me of is the Siberian or Norwegian Forest Cat. Maine Coons are longer.

If she is a purebred mix it is likely to be one of the above breeds.

Both the Norwegian Forest Cat (NFC) and Siberian are ranked as the more intelligent cat breeds (8 stars) - see cat intelligence. On the basis that the NFC is more commonplace than the Siberian I would say that your cat was a Norwegian Forest Cat mix.

Incidentally, Taz, seems to be a calico cat - tortoiseshell and white. They are only females (except for a very low percentage of males).

Take care and good luck.


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Apr 28, 2011
by: Diane

Whatever breed she was, she looks gorgeous. Our cat pesters us to go go bed too. I know the heartache of losing a cat, and although time heals, they are always in your heart.

Dec 20, 2010
by: Dave

Thanks for the reply. She was actually a rather small cat possibly 7-8 lbs at max but a strong personality. She dominated two male cats we have and both are over 12 lbs easy.

Thanks for the website!

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