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  1. I’m getting a dwarf cat that is a little over a yr old in just a couple of hours…reading your site is worrying me about health issues now!! She comes free with food and previous “owners” have nothing negative to say about her, only that she is sweet!

    • Don’t worry about health issues. There are more possibilities for health issues in dwarf and teacup cats compared to moggies but I don’t think they should be of real concern. Enjoy and good luck with your new dwarf companion. I hope you make another visit to PoC and tell us more about you cat (with some pictures hopefully).

  2. Hi… Please people give me you opinion, i want to buy a kitten, and i found the teacup persians are very cute especially their size. Then i read about their health problems so i think i’ll change my mind to have an exotic shorthair or doll face persian kitten, what do think? Should i go for the teacup persians or they other two? And there is also the shirazi kittens…. Please please help me and give me your openion

    • Hi Shairy thanks for the comment. I would definitely chose a nice regular and healthy traditional Persian if you like that sort of cat and these are lovely purebred cats. Exotic Shorthairs are always flat faced (the shorthaired equivalent of the flat faced Persian) so don’t choose that cat breed.

      Anyway teacup cats are rare and it is hard to find good breeders plus the health problems etc. And they are expensive.

      If you like the Persian (a very popular cat) the traditional is best in my opinion. As you know the flat faced Persian has health problems and in my opinion is a mistake.

      Yeri is gorgeous and so is Faolán. Both these cats are Dutch! I guess you live in the USA but choose a breeder wisely. Even the traditional doll face Persian can have health problems. Check out the breeder carefully. There are probably Yahoo Groups for Persian cat lovers which may help.

      If I was buying a purebred cat I’d be struggling to make sure my cat was guaranteed to be as healthy as possible. I don’t think you can be absolutely sure.

      Good luck.

      Michael (Admin)

      • Thank you Michael for your reply. Your comment will help me a lot to take my decision.

        Why does Doll face persians can have health problems if they are traditional?

        Can you tell me any information about the Shirazi kittens, if you know this kind? They look like the persians very much.

        • Hi Shairy, Doll face Persians are still purebred cats and almost all purebred cats are more prone to health problems compared to random bred cats because they are inbred to varying degrees. This makes genetic diseases come out as they are carried on recessive genes that are normally hidden.

          I’ll do a page on the Shirazi kittens today. I don’t think I have information about these cats on PoC. If that is the case I need to rectify that. Thanks for bringing up the subject.

          Update: Here is a page on Shirazi cats. I don’t think you should adopt one even if you can find one. I believe you live in the USA. It would be easier to find a top class trad Persian breeder but make sure health is prioritized. Good luck.

          • Thank you for all the information. Actually i live in the KSA, but i’ll move to USA and i would love to have a kitten thats why i want to know everything about them from now.

            Actually i used to have a shirazi kitten, i just had it for 2 weeks, i loved him so much but the problem was in my place, i live with my husband’s family and they dont like cats, so it was a bad idea to have a kitten that time. I bought him with really cheap price because i bought him from my cousin. I think they have the same personality of the persians and the same look. He was playful, love my small family members ( husband & son ), walk after me where ever i go

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