Teen jumped into an oil-filled well ‘feet first’ to save the cat he heard crying in distress

A teen in the northern Ünye district of Turkey in the Black Sea region is credited with the rescue of a cat who had fallen into an oil-filled well.

teen covered in oil
19-year-old Özgür Ege Şire covered in oil (IHA)
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Özgür Ege Şire, 19, didn’t think twice about jumping feet first into the well after he heard the cat crying from within. When he looked into the darkness, all he could see was a muck-covered cat who needed immediate rescue.

A simple walk in a forested area of Turkey quickly turned into a dangerous act of kindness for Sire.

According to a report by Daily Sabah, the cat was struggling to get out. Sire didn’t wait for help or even for a rope. Thankfully, the well was close enough to civilization for people to hear the commotion and help the teen and the cat out of the well. Sire was placed on a stretcher and required a trip to the hospital to ensure he wasn’t seriously injured.

The hospital held this hero after giving him a thorough cleaning. Long periods of contact with that amount of oil can be dangerous so he was kept until he was deemed healthy enough to go home.

Özgür Ege Şire and the cat he rescued (IHA)

“I hope we can instill a love for animals in all people,” Sire told Daily Sabah.

Sire doesn’t consider himself a hero and believes he did what any kindhearted person would have done. The cat survived and is doing well.

New media doesn’t state how much oil was in the well or how deep the well is. It would take very little water or oil for a cat to drown.

Ünye (Oinòe, Οἰνόη in ancient Greek) is a large town and district of Ordu Province in the Black Sea region of Turkey, 76 km west of the city of Ordu. In 2009 it had 74,806 inhabitants.

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