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Teen poses with his cat for senior yearbook photo — 13 Comments

  1. Please remove the first two sentences.. I thought they had been erased…

    I think it may spark a great new trend amongst teens, and school age kids. As an animal advocate, I am encouraged by it. Some may never have thought of having a pet, but may appreciate the fact that someone thinks enough of their pet ,to be photographed with it, on their Senior Page. Let this young man go down in the school’s history, as being a innovator. Since most Senior pictures are taken during the summer, there can be a scheduled picture day, for those who wish to be photographed with their pet. They can go home right afterward, with their beloved pet. Pets should be on a leash, or in a cage. The shots would of course be taken outdoors. I love the idea.
    This worked at an Elementary School,( Ashton Elementary) right here in Florida. It was a ” Introduce Your Pet Day”. It worked out beautifully. Parents came with the pets, the last few hours, after lunch. All was held outdoors,with cages and leashes. Teens of course, would be a lot more responsible.. Why not?

  2. Draven has been offered a spot on the principal’s page so he achieved his objective. The photo will be supported with a plea for animal rescue and adoption.

  3. I find this adorable.
    But, I think Dan’s idea is good, that kids apply to have themselves photographed with something. And, the pics scattered throughout the yearbook.
    Why didn’t we think of that?

  4. I honestly think that the idea to place is pictuer in the year book in anohter place is a great idea, but I also see how this could open a huge can of worms. I would of loved to have Nicky in one of my school pictures, but imagine what else kids would want to bring in if it were allowed. I say let kids apply to have pix taken with their pet’s for a special section of the year book and have those pix taken at a different time then the others with a professional that knows how to photograph animials and people. That way you wouldn’t have lines of people with their animals waiting all day for a picture. You’d have allergies to deal with, people who are afraid of certain animals (snakes or spiders anyone?) etc. I love the photo and Mr. Bigglesworth is gorgeous, I just think they need to make an informed decision about how kids can safely do this in the future.

    • Nice idea Dan. I love to see this guy with his cat. I think it is fantastic. A boost for the cat and he has guts. But I am not that familiar with how college facebook work so perhaps it is not that unusual to demand this sort of thing. I guess the photos have to be standardised for various reasons. The American college facebooks I see are rows of head and shoulder pictures.

  5. I find the photo done in good taste. It is definitely a tribute to the love this young man finds in his friend, Mr. Bigglesworth! I think that alone should fall under some sort of classification! More often than not, we always read of horror stories of animals being discarded as trash and worse. Here we see a photo and a story of a young man that places his love to the highest degree, that being immortalized in a picture with his friend seems paramount! I see so much more to this photo than just pushing the envelope! I hope the photo makes it through its final stages of acceptance! Did he violate some serious school policy? A small infraction in my view. A small price to pay for such a warm and compassionate remembrance. As this young man moves forward, he obviously holds his bond with his friend in high esteem and that should be commended, not tainted. I understand rules must be in place, just wait till this picture goes through to start enforcing future senior pictures. hahaha. Props to this young man and his strong bond he shares with Mr. Bigglesworth! Clearly, no one was hurt in the making of this photo! High five!

    • I am in complete agreement with you. To me it is a very enlightened idea. I think he is a smart and decent person. He deserves praise as far as I am concerned. I hope he starts a trend and pushes the envelope back permanently. Change the rules although I am not familiar with the rules concerning college facebooks (is that what they are called?).

      He could have held his cat a little better though 😉 I am nit-picking. I’d never hold my cat like that unless I was picking him up out of his cat carrier (one that opens from the top).

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