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Teenage girl who hated cat dissection in class writes prize-winning essay about it — 10 Comments

  1. Michael, I absolutely loved this post. God bless this young lady and her mother for standing up for companion anipals. I agree with the above comments as well. I also signed her petition and read her essay — a very, bright young lady with an awesome upbringing! ♥

    • Hi Diane. Dee mentioned that she had won a prize and as I had already written about her this was a good opportunity to do a follow up. Pleased that you like it.

  2. I applaud those who were responsible for this beautiful young woman’s upbringing.
    It’s obvious that she learned animal compassion and, probably, so much more.

  3. Impressive young lady!

    When I took anatomy in college (pre-vet) we dissected cats. The one that was assigned to me looked exactly like my cat. I was devastated but had to complete the assignment in order to pass the class.

    While I agree that animal dissection is distasteful at best for high school students, it is necessary for veterinarians. Even though today’s technology is very superior, it is necessary for many people to experience hands-on experience that computers can not offer.

    Don’t get me wrong: I LOVE CATS!!! and it disgusts me the way cats and other animals are treated by humans… but the medical field is in need and once the animal is dead, it’s essence is gone and only an empty shell is left behind. At least the animal’s death is not meaningless.

    That does NOT mean that I condone the over-population of pets and the cold execution of animals in shelters. On the contrary, I believe in spay/neuter and TNR as a cure for most unwanted animals overcrowding shelters. Unfortunately, most “shelters” don’t agree and continue to make room for more victims. And it is even more sad that these shelters need money to stay open. Without enough income from donations and tax money, their only recourse is to sell animals for research.

    This leaves only one question: Which research is better: Post-mortem or LIVE animals?

    • Dissection should not be distasteful for pre-vet.
      With the advancements in animal medicine and the sometimes long term investment in time for treatment of some patients I’m curious if there is an emphasis on losing a patient. I can honestly remember when many things that are routinely treated now almost always resulted in euthanasia.
      Vivisection will always have a place in animal science and medicine. It is up to the learning institutions to use it with prudence and true direction.

  4. I signed and followed this. Students this age are not emotionally prepared to handle real animal dissections. There simply isn’t the maturity.
    There are better options in this day and age to learn biology. While it’s a necessary part of vet tech and veterinary training it is not necessary in HS classes. My suggestion is that any student actively preparing for a career in either field be included in a college class if they so desire.
    Companion animals should be off the table for HS students. You simply aren’t playing with a even playing field in emotional development during those years. Telling a teen to pick a cat that doesn’t look like theirs is an extremely insensitive approach to say the least.

    • Well said. I like your intelligent comment. I now agree with you that vets need to be trained on real bodies as opposed to mechanical alternatives.

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