Teenager thinks its funny to throw a cat into a lake while being filmed

Teenager throws cat into lack and thinks it funny
Teenager throws cat into lake and thinks it funny
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It’s a classic. Stupid male teenager thinks it is cool to throw a cat as far as he can. This time it was into a lake. In the past it has been into a wall, over a fence to be attacked by dogs, anywhere actually as long as you throw the cat as far as possible while totally ignoring the fact that it is a crime, highly immoral, cruel and bloody stupid and it makes the perpetrator look stupid.

Jen posted a tweet on it (the best source of this video) and asked for it to be reported and shared. PETA were told:

Peta: We are aware of this video and our Cruelty Investigations Department has been notified. Thank you for caring.

And they reposted:

Please send any info you have on this to our Cruelty Investigation Department at CIDinfo@peta.org 💔

One of the boy’s buddies said: ‘bro that’s not even funny’. An astute observation. Not. How it could be seen as funny is beyond the imagination of most people. And why didn’t the video maker and the other guy in the video stop him? They are equally culpable.

If you go on YouTube you’ll find a lot of videos of young men throwing cats long distances. Is this a meme? Is this a perverse craze? It looks like it. You know how these meme’s gain traction. And they develop on YouTube. Google owns YouTube. Although in this instance this video is not available on YouTube but many similar videos are.

Perhaps these videos are in violation of YouTube’s rules. They should be because they encourage cat cruelty in my book. It is wrong that Google makes money from adverts on videos of crimes taking place and throwing cats long distances is a crime. It will be an act of animal cruelty with respect to all American state animal welfare legislation.

4 thoughts on “Teenager thinks its funny to throw a cat into a lake while being filmed”

  1. Yet another lesson in NOT letting your cat roam. Not excusing the actions of this poorly raised human just stating a fact. If your cat is out of your sight they are in danger.

  2. Stick an animal cruelty charge on his record and see him try and get into college. I just don’t thinks people like this deserve anything in life but to struggle and die. No I didn’t watch it. I hope the cat lived. Obviously the cat was tame enough to be approached picked up and thrown. So really consider what this little F###tard did. He picked up a trusting animal and then hurled it into the water for a good time. I wouldn’t want this loser flipping my burgers at the local fast food joint.

  3. I wont watch it because I’ve already broken 3 monitors this year by punching them and I punched my desk so hard I gave myself a hairline fracture to the side of my left hand which sucked because I’m a lefty,I too hope the cat is okay but wot I dont get is did the cat just show up or did they bring the cat with them for the intent displayed in the video?


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