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Teenager thinks its funny to throw a cat into a lake while being filmed — 4 Comments

  1. Yet another lesson in NOT letting your cat roam. Not excusing the actions of this poorly raised human just stating a fact. If your cat is out of your sight they are in danger.

  2. Stick an animal cruelty charge on his record and see him try and get into college. I just don’t thinks people like this deserve anything in life but to struggle and die. No I didn’t watch it. I hope the cat lived. Obviously the cat was tame enough to be approached picked up and thrown. So really consider what this little F###tard did. He picked up a trusting animal and then hurled it into the water for a good time. I wouldn’t want this loser flipping my burgers at the local fast food joint.

  3. I wont watch it because I’ve already broken 3 monitors this year by punching them and I punched my desk so hard I gave myself a hairline fracture to the side of my left hand which sucked because I’m a lefty,I too hope the cat is okay but wot I dont get is did the cat just show up or did they bring the cat with them for the intent displayed in the video?

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