Teenager detained by police in Norwich cat cruelty incidents

People who read about domestic cats online may have noticed newspaper reports of what must have been deliberate acts of cruelty and violence against outside two domestic cats in which their ear flaps have been cut off. There was at least one other incidence of violence in which a cat suffered a slash across the back causing a nasty wound.

One of the cats recuperating. Photo: GEORGINA BARNES.
One of the cats recuperating. Photo: GEORGINA BARNES.
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I been watching the reports but until now have not written about them as I try to avoid cat cruelty stories. However, the Independent newspaper reported about three hours ago that a teenager has been arrested and detained on suspicion of attempted theft. I don’t believe that he has been charged.

Why theft and not animal cruelty? It’s because a member of the public reported seeing the teenager trying to put a cat into a holdall. He dropped the bag and ran away when he was challenged.

It must have been decided by the police that he was putting the cat in the holdall with the intention of taking it away i.e. keeping the cat and that the cat did not belong to him. In so doing he was attempting to steal the cat.

At this stage he has not been charged, as I understand it, with animal cruelty under the relevant law which is probably the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

The teenager remains in police custody. I suspect that police are trying to elicit from the teenager a confession or information about the attacks on cats in the area, which is Norwich, UK.

Lottie Sparks, the head nurse at Taversham Vets where two of the animals have been treated said:

“Their ears had been chopped right down to the base of the head, and the first cat had a really nasty laceration across its back, which was obviously quite a really big open wound.”

PC Shaun Quinn is investigating the attacks and the said that these are shocking incidents. He said that the police are conducting a number of enquiries and working with the RSPCA. They have also increased patrols in the area.

This short article is an update on the case. I’m interested in it because I want to see the person caught.

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