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Teenager stole rescue cats for use as live bait for hunting dogs — 8 Comments

  1. This person absolutely horrifies me. Literally. These acts of barbaric cruelty sound insane. I do not think he is fit to live within the world. Where to keep him? I do not know. Can a person like this ever rehabilitate? I think it is highly unlikely. Is an awakening or an enlightenment even possible? Sending prayers for all the souls that he has tortured and sacrificed.

    • This worries me to, Frances, because he’ll be out of prison and his conviction will be erased from the public eye at some stage. I agree that he will probably be a permanent danger to animals if not people as well. Something more that a 30 months sentence is needed.

      • This is where government agencies fall short. What are we, as citizens and animal protectors, supposed to do? Where do we turn? This will slip through the cracks. He will be back in circulation, along with thousands of others around the world. This is definitely a valid concern, for the safety of animal and humans as well. I am literally physically ill when I read of torture and cruelty, espaecially to helpless animals.

  2. Reading about this stuff creates a feeling of extreme sadness in me, and despair about the brutality done to animals and humans by extremely mentally ill people.

    What saddens me even more is that the US will now be run by not just a mentally ill president, but his ill suited cabinet as well.

    I fear for the upcoming loss of lives through torture of animals, and people with lack of health care.

    I’m not proud to be an American, and glad that I’m “circling the drain” and will be leaving this place behind in the not too distant future. At 73, I’m hoping it’s not too far in the future, but until then, I’ll continue to make pet guardians aware of how we ourselves are making our pets die early deaths, so unnecessarily from lack of knowledge, and relying on vets.

    I will remain a CAT Advocate until I no longer can. I so appreciate Michael’s huge contribution to knowledge and awareness.

    If and when I’m able to create a good amount of money, you can guess who’s going to benefit…

    • Thanks Sandy. I don’t like posting sad stories but they are there and they shed light on human behavior in relation to animals.

      I think you are correct about Trump. He is bad for animal welfare. We need an animal advocate as president.

  3. Possibly there will be a separate charge for animal cruelty. However criminal damage carries far heavier penalties and that is what is needed. Also the dogs should be destroyed as they remain a danger to cats and small animals.

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