Teenager wanted to kill his mother but killed her cat instead as it was easier

This is a comment/news article, please note. These are allegations as there has been no conviction.

This is a story which screams out the link between violence against animals and humans.

Cohen Heath
Cohen Heath . Photo: Colorado Springs Police.
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The allegation is that this eighteen-year-old teenager, Cohen Heath, who must be disturbed if the allegation is true, said that he brutally killed his mother’s cat because it would be easier than killing his mother. It appears that he wanted to kill something. Perhaps also he decided that from the point of view of punishment (sentencing when and if caught) he’d receive a much lighter sentence.

A sergeant of the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region Animal Law Enforcement division went to the mother’s home in mid-September after the woman found her cat dead in her son’s bedroom.

Cohen Health was there and it is reported that he told the sergeant that he had decided to kill his mother’s cat because it would be easier. He did it by putting the cat in a bag and stabbing the bag. He did this in a storm drain. I won’t go into any more detail but according to the report he kept the cat’s body or part of it.

Investigators found the evidence (bloodied knives) to add to Heath’s admission and the cat’s body. Did he want to be arrested?

Health was arrested for aggravated animal cruelty, a class six felony. The report from KRDO is that he was placed in custody on Sept 13 as stated by Colorado Spring Police Department. I’d expect that he is currently on bail at present awaiting trial.

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