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Teenager’s fake Facebook account glorifying and revelling in the animal cruelty of others?

It seems quite possible that the Facebook page of Kevin Paz (Kev Meija) is an entirely fake account set up by who knows who, perhaps a teenager, who takes pleasure in glorifying and revelling in the animal cruelty of others and in winding up animal adovcates. The person who set up this account, if it is a fake account, likes to vicariously gain notoriety through a fictional persona. We just don’t know what is going on.

From the Kevin Paz, fake Facebook page.

The pictures of animal cruelty, a cat shot with a bow and arrow and a dog apparently shot and bleeding heavily, are crimes carried out by somebody else other than “Kevin Paz”. That is what appears to be the case based on what I read on his Facebook page since Elisa’s article was published (see article below):

This wimpy monster allegedly shot and killed a cat and bragged about it on Facebook

One person’s comment (now deleted it seems) said that we should report the page to Facebook admin on the basis that it is a fake account. This would possibly result in the page being removed. It would make it hard for the real person to set up a new account. Another person asks whether Kevin Paz actually exists. Having reflected on this, I agree with the question.

The reason why I have come to this conclusion is because it is clear that the images of the heavily bleeding dog come from a news story published on October 6, 2015. The person who commented, Ric Flairh, correctly, in my opinion, states that Kevin Paz, whoever he is, is simply seeking attention. The cat cruelty also appears to have been by someone else.

I think actually that this Facebook page is a form of trolling. He is enjoying agitating and winding up people who are concerned about animal welfare. And it has certainly worked. It is a convincing page giving the clear impression that this man is perpetrating animal abuse crimes and getting away with it. Animal advocates should not be embarassed if they are initially duped. I am not. We fight on and expose these people.

There may be an ulterior motive behind the page other than the creator simply enjoying himself (or herself) and gaining some notoriety through a fake persona. Perhaps this person wants to highlight animal cruelty but that’s being far too generous. I will stick by my earlier assessment that he’s having fun winding up people. Perhaps the person wants to try and embarass animal advocates? Or pehaps he wants to get at the real Kevin Paz if he really exists!

For that reason it is almost worse than if Kevin Paz was genuinely the person committing the crimes. It is a sick distortion of the truth and glorification of horrible crimes against animals. Is this a form of borderline personality disorder? There is no doubt in my mind that the page should be removed. The Facebook administrators should look at it very carefully.

FB administrators have, by the way, covered up the photograph of the dead cat so that people can expose the photograph or leave it covered up. They did this after I reported the page to FB administrators. The photographs of the dog are still there. Perhaps the Facebook administrators decided that as the dog shooting story was a news story some time ago the photographs had already been published on the Internet and therefore there was no need to ban them from Facebook.

The moral is: Facebook can be a myriad of truths and half-truths. It is smoke and mirrors. It actually reminds me of some people involved in cat rescue who use Facebook to gain sympathy and admiration from others even though they mistreat the cats that they rescue through neglect. It is a way of presenting themselves on Facebook in a favourable light when in truth the person is unpleasant and unconcerned about cat welfare.

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Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 71-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I have a girlfriend, Michelle. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare.

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  • When you ignore attention whores they either amp it up until FB gives them a boot or they move on to other forms of trolling. Troll feeding is a nasty habit. You can block pages instead of egging them on.

  • I ask peeps yesterday to stop engaging him,it's wot he wants,I also posted the actual links of those animals he claimed he killed and mutilated but no one is listening,they are hell bent on commenting on his page so I'm done.

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