Teenagers Hang Cat from Lead and Swing It around and Then Boast on Social Media About It

This has undertones of the Kristen Lindsey story. You remember the vet to shot a cat with a bow and arrow and then boasted about it on Facebook. Well this is a story from Dundee in Scotland and it concerns two male teenagers who posted photographs of themselves seriously abusing a young cat on Snapchat.

Cat cruelty in Dundee
Cat cruelty in Dundee
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They have the cat on a lead attached to a collar and then they swing the cat around with the lead so the cat is effectively being strangled. Then they boast about it. They even taunt the public and the people who view their photographs by providing a caption which states:

“Come get us”

They know they’re doing wrong. They know in fact, I suspect, that they are engaged in a criminal act but don’t care. They just don’t care and they are happy to boast about it and tell the world about their criminal behaviour and cat cruelty.

As a consequence, an animal welfare charity is appealing for information to help track down these two youths. Another teenager, Ryan Morrison, appears to have reported the matter having spotted the photographs on Snapchat. Ryan said in a social media post:

“I’ve just seen a boy swinging about a tiny kitten on a lead on someone’s story.”

This was picked up by a local newspaper the Dundee Courier.

Ryan goes on to write:

“It’s proper horrible stuff and it’s in Dundee as well. It’s unreal how annoyed I am. It’s actually vile.”

Cat cruelty in Dundee

Quite naturally some people are repulsed by this arrogant, ignorant and cruel behaviour. One Twitter user said:

“I’m horrified and disgusted that this happened in Dundee.”

One user, in fact, claims to know the identity of the teenagers. The person also claims to have called the SSPCA. He says that there are two kittens in the house and the person suggests that he/she knows where the house is. I hope therefore that they will be caught.

A Scottish SPCA spokesperson said that they had received a call to their animal helpline relating to this animal cruelty and they are investigating the matter. Anyone can telephone them if they have information on 03000 999 999.

2 thoughts on “Teenagers Hang Cat from Lead and Swing It around and Then Boast on Social Media About It”

  1. I don’t have the sentences to say what needs to be said.
    But, I have some words… “beat blind, kick silly, swing a teen, confront a stupid parent”.

  2. I have a niece that is predisposed to this kind of behavior. She is not allowed in our home. I caught her doing this exact same thing and let the cat go and took the leash and collar she was using as a torture device.
    Now in her teens I have not had contact with her or her parents for years. Perhaps they should have been less angry at me. I stated that the next time I was going to tape and hand it over to child protective services and animal control.
    Parents know they write it off as childish pranks.


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