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Teens charged with animal cruelty after posting video of abused bunny — 8 Comments

  1. I think “all life is precious” is up there with “I think therefore I am”, it’s something you figure out for yourself. Of course I am not including Mosquitoes in this, every rule has an exception!

  2. Teaching a child empathy towards other people and animals is one of the most important things a parent can do. Something tells me these girls’ parents missed the boat on this one….

    Social media can be a parent’s worst nightmare, but it can also be a strong ally. The parents (assuming they even care) should suspend any cell phone or internet privileges these girls might have. The privileges will only be restored if and when the girls are willing to make another video that contains a sincere apology for the abuse they inflicted on the bunny. Post the video far and wide on sites such as YouTube. The girls also appear to have too much time on their hands. Perhaps they should get summer jobs mowing lawns (absolutely no babysitting, though — they CANNOT be trusted with children or animals) to pay back the veterinary expenses for the bunny.

    There’s another case of animal abuse involving an 11 year-old girl, her mother, and her mother’s boyfriend killing a friendly neighborhood cat named Baby Jay in Centralia, Washington, in front of other children. In this case, it was quite clear the 11 year-old learned her behavior from her elders. In situations involving minors abusing animals, child services really needs to get involved, since it can be a signal of problems with the child’s home life.

    • In some jurisdictions in the US animal control, child protective services and spousal abuse reports are all seen as having possible connections in the home.
      It’s easy to be angry at these girls but the real issue is where are the parents.
      One of the best examples ever of parental neglect is the Columbine shootings in Colorado where the parents didn’t feel they has the right to intrude on their child’s personal space. If they had perhaps those sawed off shotguns might have raised a few red flags.
      We were reminded often as children that we didn’t own our rooms or our lives at that point.
      To the stupid young girls and all their ilk. What you post online lives forever. Lets hope that when you apply for a job or college and someone decides to just do an online check this little morsel doesn’t pop up. You may kiss a much needed job goodbye or find yourself out of line for that much needed scholarship.

  3. Animal abuse is often as sign the children are victims of abuse or bullying or mental illness. A full investigation by Child Protective Services needs to happen and court mandated treatment for the family.
    Also social media can play a role in this kind of attention seeking behavior.

  4. Oh God, Elisa!
    What is wrong with the youth today?
    If I had ever harmed an animal as a youngster, I may have been beaten by both of my parents. Minimally, I would have gone to school with welts on my butt and been embarrassed to dress out in gym.
    Believe me, my 2 kids would have gotten the same, but they are both animal lovers.
    What do you think it is?
    My thinking is that it’s learned, ie. I love animals, therefore, my kids learned to love them too.
    Today, is it lack of parenting, that authorities have taken away parental control, or are kids spoiled and just out of control today?

    • Parents can’t discipline because DSS will take the kids away. I was raised on the hickory switch and if the one I picked wasn’t big enough I had to go pick another one and got whipped with both. None of the kids at school commented on stripes on our legs because we all had them. Even kids from good homes go bad these days. I blame social media on a lot of it. Thank God we didn’t have it when I was in school!

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