Telepathy allows pet owners to understand what their companion animal thinks

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Companion animal owners want to know what their pet thinks. They can find out through telepathy according to Nikki Vasconez but is this genuine? There appears to be an instinctive (primal) desire by many companion animal caregivers to communicate more profoundly. It can be done according to a former lawyer, Nikki Vasconez, who provides a special telepathic communication service for pet owners of all kinds by looking at a photograph of the animal. She provides the service at a distance and she does this deliberately to prove that she is genuinely communicating with their pet rather than “simply inferring their personality after meeting them”.

Her work has taken off which indicates a need for the service. This, I would say, is entirely normal and predictable. The biggest barrier between companion animals and caregivers is one of language. It’s a point I have made earlier [link to article]. Because people regard their companion animals as family members and even as little humans often times, this language barrier is a real problem.

People learn what their pet is thinking through behaviour and the usual routines and rhythms of life. Body language also helps. So, there are ways of understanding what an animal is thinking but Nikki Vasconez goes a lot further through telepathy.

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She believes that animals communicate through telepathy. She recalls meeting a massage therapist when she was 28 years old. She hadn’t given much thought to telepathically communicating with animals until then. The massage therapist mentioned that she could talk to animals.

She told Vasconez that one day she had been walking down the road when she heard voices in her head saying: “We are going to grandma’s house”. And then a moment later a car passed and there was a dog poking his head out of the passenger seat window. And on another occasion, she heard the words in her head: “Keep up! Keep up! You’re falling behind”. And then a minute later a flock of birds flew overhead and the young birds were behind the parents.

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She credits the masseuse in reviving in her what she believes is a latent ability within every person to communicate telepathically. She believes that ancient humans possessed this ability before they developed speech and language.

She said: “In our modern world, we are raised to think that it’s not possible. But animals in the wild communicate to telepathy all the time.”

At the date of this post, she is in Thailand according to The Times report, which is the source of this article. She is volunteering as an elephant sanctuary. An indication of her animal credentials. I wonder whether she’s communicating with their elephants telepathically.

She explained in an interview with The Times, “I receive thoughts or images in my mind or an ache or a pain in my body for the animal to describe what they like, need or desire. I experience those messages and then I explain them to the owner.”

She lives in a small town north of Philadelphia, USA. She charges $550 a time for her service. Clients receive an audio recording of a 90-minute session in which they can hear her asking questions to her companion animal and then hear her responding which describes the pet’s response to the questions.

There are many people who want to use her service. Jennifer Black, 42, is an estate agent living in South Carolina. She lives with three German shepherds and two cats. She thought: “Well I would love to know what they say and what they think. I thought, I will try it out. Worst case, I lose a couple of hundred bucks. Best case, I find out what they are thinking.”

Jeff McGregor, 49 runs a construction equipment rental business in Las Vegas. After his dog, Bailey, died he wanted to know more and initially they were sceptical about Vasconez’s services.

In communicating with Bailey, Vasconez learned that McGregor’s dog struggled to walk before she died but was now running around freely. And within Vasconez’s 90-minute audio message to McGregor, she explained that McGregor’s partner “makes really weird noises at random times.”

This was a reference to her doing vocal warm ups in the bathroom which Vasconez would never have known about, McGregor, said. McGregor talks to Bailey at night before he goes to bed. This, I’m sure, is something that many people do even though their companion animal died some time ago.

There is indeed a deep-seated desire to communicate with companion animals both living and deceased. There are many people who believe in the afterlife. They believe in spiritualism.

My personal view is telepathy is unproven and you could argue as a skeptic that Vasconez has a good imagination, an over-active mind and is very intuitive. The masseuse she refers to has the same kind of mind. Is Vasconez running a very clever ‘wheeze’ to take money off cat and dog owners? I mean it is like printing money.

But I’m open to the idea of telepathic communications between humans and animals athough I don’t believe it. Although there is still a lot that humans don’t know about the world. We are still learning and exploring.

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