Telepathy: Connect Deeply with Your Cat

Do you believe in using telepathy to better connect and communicate with your cat? Joan Ranquet does. She is “an internationally renowned animal communicator and bestselling author” of Communication with all Life, Revelations of an Animal Communicator, published by Hay House.

She also wrote Animal Communication 101, Simple Steps for Communicating with Animals (available on Kindle).

Joan Ranquet has recently released a CD which instructs people how to used meditation to “neutralise your emotions” and “release body tensions”1 which allows a person to receive thoughts and feelings from animals. The product is called Communication With All Life. It is also in book form.

I am a realist. Some might say I am cynical. I wonder what people will make of these ideas: using meditation or telepathy to get inside your cat’s head.

Joan’s ideas and methods are a little mystical for me. I believe we can simplify the methods and language of communicating with our cat.

I am not saying that I don’t believe in telepathy or the benefits of meditation to improve communicating with your cat. It may work for many people. However, some people will be sceptical.

I believe that we can get into our cat’s head and understand what he is saying and thinking but we don’t need fancy concepts and training to achieve it.

What a person needs is:

  • a genuine love of their cat
  • lots of communication through sounds, words and actions that results in routines, which both the person and cat understands and gets used to
  • understanding cat behaviour. You can learn that on PoC.
  • patience – over time a cat owner following the above methods will understand what her cat wants and feels at any one time.

It really comes down to being close to your cat, spending lots of time with him/her and understanding cat behaviour.

However, I respect the idea that some cat owners might need some help to speed up the learning process and no doubt Joan’s books and CDs can achieve this. The reviews are good.

Would you buy this CD on meditation and animal communication?

For the sake of completeness, here are two definitions:

  1. telepathy – Communication through means other than the senses….
  2. meditation – A devotional exercise of or leading to contemplation.

Ref: (1) product description on

18 thoughts on “Telepathy: Connect Deeply with Your Cat”

  1. Complex topic. I was trying to find some things I’d read ages ago to reference…. never mind on that.

    Cats may be telepathic/ psychic. I am not ruling that out (although not big on the idea).

    However, cats likely have sensory abilities humans lack. I know their hearing is more sensitive. I’m guessing that their sense of smell is more acute than ours, though I don’t know this for sure (although see note at the end).

    In my quest to find info I’d read long ago, I stumbled onto some articles in medical journals indicating the success of sniffer dogs in correctly detecting odors (from human breath, blood, feces) associated with various types of cancers- on par with more routine medical tests. Same for bees and wasps.

    I don’t know the extent that this has been tested using “cat sniffers”. The only info I know about comes from articles about famous cat- Oscar- info (plus some skepticism) wiki here

    Given what I’ve read about “sniffer dogs” (see above) seems not implausible that cats could do same, except that cats generally wouldn’t be so co-operative in persuading them to be “sniffer cats” for scientific experiments. Oscar just happened to move as the spirit called him.

    So, here goes my “opinion”- fwiw. Seems plausible to me that cats via their sense of smell, would also be able to sense human odors that signal distress, contentment, etc., and react accordingly to connect with their humans. Perhaps same with human sounds. “Telepathic” re: cats conveys some kind of mysterious ethereal voodoo. But maybe it’s more simple.

    As for the human dimension/ ability of sensing things/ events before they happen, that to me is a whole different issue. I am not inclined to dismiss this, and find it an intriguing topic.

    • Cats do have a sense of smell that is much better than ours but less good than for dogs. I agree that a cat’s senses can help with communication (on the cat’s side) and on the human side, raw intelligence should inform a person (although sometimes I have doubts about the so called intelligence of humans).

      Telepathy is an attempt to simplify and mystify (and therefore make more glamorous and interesting – commercial) what is a complex bundle of factors which allow us to communicate well with a cat we are close to.


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