Telepathy: Connect Deeply with Your Cat

Do you believe in using telepathy to better connect and communicate with your cat? Joan Ranquet does. She is “an internationally renowned animal communicator and bestselling author” of Communication with all Life, Revelations of an Animal Communicator, published by Hay House.

She also wrote Animal Communication 101, Simple Steps for Communicating with Animals (available on Kindle).

Joan Ranquet has recently released a CD which instructs people how to used meditation to “neutralise your emotions” and “release body tensions”1 which allows a person to receive thoughts and feelings from animals. The product is called Communication With All Life. It is also in book form.

I am a realist. Some might say I am cynical. I wonder what people will make of these ideas: using meditation or telepathy to get inside your cat’s head.

Joan’s ideas and methods are a little mystical for me. I believe we can simplify the methods and language of communicating with our cat.

I am not saying that I don’t believe in telepathy or the benefits of meditation to improve communicating with your cat. It may work for many people. However, some people will be sceptical.

I believe that we can get into our cat’s head and understand what he is saying and thinking but we don’t need fancy concepts and training to achieve it.

What a person needs is:

  • a genuine love of their cat
  • lots of communication through sounds, words and actions that results in routines, which both the person and cat understands and gets used to
  • understanding cat behaviour. You can learn that on PoC.
  • patience – over time a cat owner following the above methods will understand what her cat wants and feels at any one time.

It really comes down to being close to your cat, spending lots of time with him/her and understanding cat behaviour.

However, I respect the idea that some cat owners might need some help to speed up the learning process and no doubt Joan’s books and CDs can achieve this. The reviews are good.

Would you buy this CD on meditation and animal communication?

For the sake of completeness, here are two definitions:

  1. telepathy – Communication through means other than the senses….
  2. meditation – A devotional exercise of or leading to contemplation.

Ref: (1) product description on

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18 thoughts on “Telepathy: Connect Deeply with Your Cat”

  1. Complex topic. I was trying to find some things I’d read ages ago to reference…. never mind on that.

    Cats may be telepathic/ psychic. I am not ruling that out (although not big on the idea).

    However, cats likely have sensory abilities humans lack. I know their hearing is more sensitive. I’m guessing that their sense of smell is more acute than ours, though I don’t know this for sure (although see note at the end).

    In my quest to find info I’d read long ago, I stumbled onto some articles in medical journals indicating the success of sniffer dogs in correctly detecting odors (from human breath, blood, feces) associated with various types of cancers- on par with more routine medical tests. Same for bees and wasps.

    I don’t know the extent that this has been tested using “cat sniffers”. The only info I know about comes from articles about famous cat- Oscar- info (plus some skepticism) wiki here

    Given what I’ve read about “sniffer dogs” (see above) seems not implausible that cats could do same, except that cats generally wouldn’t be so co-operative in persuading them to be “sniffer cats” for scientific experiments. Oscar just happened to move as the spirit called him.

    So, here goes my “opinion”- fwiw. Seems plausible to me that cats via their sense of smell, would also be able to sense human odors that signal distress, contentment, etc., and react accordingly to connect with their humans. Perhaps same with human sounds. “Telepathic” re: cats conveys some kind of mysterious ethereal voodoo. But maybe it’s more simple.

    As for the human dimension/ ability of sensing things/ events before they happen, that to me is a whole different issue. I am not inclined to dismiss this, and find it an intriguing topic.

    1. Cats do have a sense of smell that is much better than ours but less good than for dogs. I agree that a cat’s senses can help with communication (on the cat’s side) and on the human side, raw intelligence should inform a person (although sometimes I have doubts about the so called intelligence of humans).

      Telepathy is an attempt to simplify and mystify (and therefore make more glamorous and interesting – commercial) what is a complex bundle of factors which allow us to communicate well with a cat we are close to.

  2. Cats have a special sense in that they know when something is wrong with you. The day my mum died Tiggy and Gabby took turns in nuzzling up to me giving me comfort as I just sat drinking coffee all day and I have had things like this with other cats in the past. I may buy the book out of curiosity LOL that’s what they say killed the cat

  3. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    People who are very close and on the same wavelength can communicate their thoughts.
    Barbara and I often do.
    She will be upstairs on her computer, I’ll be downstairs on mine and when we meet up again one of us will say something the other was just opening her mouth to say, we always look amazed at each other even though we have done this many times.

    1. My sister and I finish each other’s sentences. We also can both be talking at once yet we both hear and understand everything the other person said. When we play our flutes together we can just pick up and start playing without a word about tempo, without either giving a downbeat with the end of her flute, as is sometimes done– we just take a breath together and start. If we have to stop we sometimes don’t even have to say where we are picking it up again, without words we just jump in together at the exact same measure, playing at the same tempo.

      We did spend a lot of hours playing together as kids. It wasn’t always so harmonious then. We would have fights that sounded like, “That’s a half note!” “Duh!” “It gets two beats, you didn’t give it two beats!” “Stop being bossy!” “You have to give it two beats or we won’t stay together!” SMACK!!!! End of practice session. To be fair neither of us could count our way out of a paper bag. We both are better at that now after having taught a lot of piano lessons. But the way we can just know what the other person is going to do while we play is uncanny at times.

      Once at Concordia College the soloist for the Evenung Prayer service had to sing a longish chant she had never done and asked if I would softly accompany her on the flute. I remember just feeling very relaxed and trying to be open to anything she might do– to follow her. She made a mistake at the end and I played right with her making the same mistake. We were perfectly in sinc– though wrong– although only those who read notes realized it was wrong. Some of them came up after and commented that that was weird that we made the same mistake at the end. It was like I knew what she was going to do and I decided it would be better for us to stay exactly in unison than for me to play it the right way and her to sing the mistake. I don’t know how I knew she would make a mistake, I just did.

      1. I believe that your heightened empathy and synchronized thinking with your sister is due to spending so much time together so you know each other so well that you don’t need to communicate verbally. But who knows for sure. I tend to believe in the more scientific answers but I accept there may be better answers.

  4. This would be a very unpopular topic for the devout christian or those who have never experienced a psychic phenomenon. The correct terming is a “spiritual connection”.
    We need not be so arrogant as to think that we know our cats (or other animals) better than they know us.
    Cat thinking is without ego and rational/irrational thinking. Their thinking is pure. They possess an intuition that we will never know. They do not fear death, as many of us do, because their minds are not muddied with myths and notions. Therefore, they are privvy to what the “real deal” is. They have the ability to feel us and anticipate us.
    We need to unmuddy our minds and open them to all the wonders.

    1. I read about this in the 1980’s, but I can’t remember the source. The writer said that to communicate with your cat telepathically think in pictures and send the message to your cat. You have to do it through images, not words. I’ve been trying to communicate with cats through sending them mental images for decades, on the off chance there was something to that. I don’t know if it ever worked.

      I don’t think Christian faith excludes a belief in the supernatural or in things like ESP. I knew my first husband was going to die a week before it happened. I had premonitions and I even dreamed pretty much the whole thing, waking up at exactly the moment of his death in a small airplane accident. I think though that Christians don’t put their faith in these things, they can still believe in them. They realize that visions or premonitions could be from evil spirits as easily as they could be from good, so they tread carefully. I ask myself, “Is this from Jesus Christ?” Could the message that Danny was going to die have been from the Lord? Yes, because it warned me away from Danny when it was his time, so that I would not be involved in the accident and it helped cushion the shock of initially learning of his death. Did I have a premonition through an innate ability or was it a message from a supernatural source? I don’t know. Either answer is acceptable.

      Telepathy isn’t too much different than the ability to have a premonition. It’s just another ability beyond what we normally see in this fallen world, but I think the fact that we speculate about it means it probably is an ability humans could possess, especially as a way to communicate with animals who cannot speak to us using language. I have heard that those who have had near death experiences often did not communicate with others through language, but just through an immediacy of thoughts– a communication beyond words. That’s what we’d need to communicate with animals– something different from words, because their brains aren’t set up for language. They can understand some words, but not an entire language with grammar, syntax, tenses and that kind of thing.

      1. Your dream of your first husband’s death in a plane accident is amazing. Perhaps it should not amaze because we possibly do have abilities that we don’t fully understand.

        I am not sure about telepathy, which has a mystical connotations. I prefer to see it in a more practical way: an ability to understand through being very close to a person or animal.

        I don’t think we should try and “send images” to people or cats. Through genuine closeness we can “receive” an understanding of how our cat feels and what he wants and likes etc..

        I don’t think it is “images” more “vibes” and “feelings”.

        I agree this:

        an immediacy of thoughts– a communication beyond words. That’s what we’d need to communicate with animals..

  5. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    No I wouldn’t buy the CD, I see it’s advertised for around £12 and that money would be better spent on some cat food for needy cats in local Rescue Centres. They certainly don’t need to communicate with us for us to know when they are hungry lol
    Seriously though I don’t think those of us close to our own cats need to listen to a CD to teach us how to communicate with them and know their thoughts, our cats know our every need and we know theirs, through the loving relationship between us.
    There’s nothing mystic about it, just mutual love and respect for each other just the same as for human family members.

  6. I would buy it out of interest. I believe you can communicate very sharply and concisely with animals. I also think its simple – and I agree that it comes down to being connected via love and emapthy with your cat. I would love to have all the time in the world to focus on these things. That would be wonderful! 🙂

    1. I am pleased you agree. I think we have similar empathies & ideas towards and about cats. It is about empathy and understanding. I don’t know how many cat owners get to that state. When you get there it is like communicating in the same language: communication is crystal clear. This is not a boast but I know exactly what Charlie is thinking and communicating most if not all of the time.

  7. My female traditional Persian cat “Matahari” at times literally tries to communicate to me in her cat language which i find bizarre. I have mentioned all this in her biography through a blog.The male tomcat “Matata” is more attached to my lady housekeeper and follows her like a dog.Honestly, at times i do get superstitious on the strange behaviour of my cats, especially matahari. Joan Ranquet might either be a good “Fiction Writer” or a genuine clairvoyant since science still can’t explain certain bizarre unnatural phenomenons.I just finished reading the book “A WRITERS LIFE” by American author Gay.Talese. In the book he mentions the bizarre case of a building in New York on “206 East 63rd Street between 2nd & 3rd Avenues” that had a hotel in it that changed 10 different celebrity owners during the authors research on this “Haunted Building”.All the individual owners ended in losses and closed down, the hotel undergoing different names and interior decorations under different owners.Could Joan.Ranquet have predicted the “Bad Karma” of this jinxed hotel site ? Remember, all the owners were celibrities in their own rights, very wealthy individuals and hence must have consulted soothsayers and clairvoyants before starting on their ambitious hotel venture.

    1. There are still lots of phenomenon that we don’t understand. We are still quite simplistic. It would interesting to understand what was going on between Matata and your housekeeper. Does your housekeeper keep a cat of her own?

      1. Michael, my housekeeper didn’t come across cats until she came to my house.She took a liking to cats after being forced to care for my cats. Today, over the years she has adjusted to them and likes them and they also reciprocate.

    2. People should believe it when places are reputed to be haunted or have bad karma like that hotel. We don’t need to be able to explain why exactly it’s bad to know to stay clear of it. But humans are so curious, so they jump right in where common sense would tell them not to go. And many people don’t want to believe in any type of supernatural or spiritual anything, choosing to live in denial. What you don’t believe in can still hurt you if it’s real.

      I saw an episode on one of those shows about hauntings and the animals were as terrified as the people– maybe more so. The homeowner’s pet rabbits would thump their feet in the middle of the night– thumping a warning that there was an evil presence. The humans kept telling themselves it was their imaginations, just denying that anything was wrong. Both rabbits died from fright. They were smarter than the humans.

      Growing up in a house with a weird, bad vibe and the occasional flying object, unexplained noises type of things I definitely observed our cats react to something which we could not see. Humans can sit and argue about whether the supernatural exists, but the animals know. Perhaps through telepathy, they know. So if they can sense the presence of spirits, maybe animals can sense what is in the spirits of living human beings– judging whether people are good or bad, sensing when their humans are upset about something or feeling ill. It’s a common myth that animals are a good judge of character– that if they like someone, that person is probably a good person. I wouldn’t bet on that 100% of the time, because Monty perceives anyone who owns a dog as evil incarnate– but overall that myth must exist for a reason.

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