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Tell us YOUR ‘cat tale’ in the new Reader’s Forum for PoC — 5 Comments

  1. Wonderful, Elisa!
    So many people have stories to tell.
    I’ve never come near to the number of stories you’ve shared; but, I’ve share several over the years.
    I love this.

  2. I could tell tales of all my cats, and probably already have, but I know I’m long-winded and won’t put the good readers through any of it again. I look forward to reading about others.

    • I think I HAVE written about most of my cats by now. I’m over the long-winded part. People don’t have time to read anymore. They skim then move on.

    • Michael used to post these all the time. I guess people just quit sending them to him. I have 3 to do for Saturday, so I believe this will be successful.

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