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Telling the difference between feral and domestic cats in a trap — 7 Comments

  1. And then you whine and complain when your cats are no longer domesticated and have aggressive behavior because you’re not doing what needs to be done to “domesticate” any species of animal — destroy the aggressive, breed the friendly.

    Yup!….(this part delveted by admin as rude)

  2. This is a constant in county kill shelters where some unknown entity determines that a cat is feral. Sometimes, it’s just a given if the cat comes in occupying a trap.

    What’s worse is that 9 times out of 10 a trapped cat isn’t checked for a microchip because they’re considered “too wild” to deal with. I’m absolutely positive that many people have their beloved cats killed by the shelter.

    And, If it weren’t for the god awful eartipping on feral colony cats, they would never be returned to their caretaker. They would be killed.

  3. One thing for sure if our Jozef was trapped and kept in a small cage he’d act like a feral, yet he’s as domesticated as any pet cat.
    I think it’s a dreadful way to decide a cat’s fate, most cats would be on the defensive in that situation, hissing and spitting because of feeling very frightened and vulnerable.

  4. Most if not all cats trapped and then imprisoned in a small cage by unknown people will react violently whether feral or someone’s pet. The people doing this have little understanding of feline behaviour and have no right to say anything or decide anything regarding the cat’s treatment or future. Ignorance is not a qualification.

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