Ten cats vanish in one street in UK

The old well established British way of letting their cats roam free are quite possibly coming to an end as there appears to be an ever increasing number of cases of cat abuse and abduction. The cats just go missing.

In one quiet residential street in the UK, Everest Road, Kidsgrove, Staffordshire, the lamposts are covered with lost cat posters – ten in all. A Facebook campaign has been launched. Of course the RSPCA is investigating.

“I just want my little man back”

So said a tearful resident of Everest Road.

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On cat owner, Marie Castrey had found her cat, Popeye (see above), but had to have him euthanised because he had been poisoned and his ribs were broken. He was found 2 miles away in woodlands. This is the only one who has been found. The others remain missing and there are a lot of anxious and worried cat caretakers living in this street.

I hate to say it but my bet is that they will never see their cats again. It is extremely sad. It is shocking too. The RSCPA recommend that cats are microchipped. Yes, we all agree. However, microchipping would not I feel assisted in this instance. These cats have been killed I believe and probably by one person: a youngish man would be my guess.

Source: Times newspaper

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