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Ten Interesting Cat Pictures

From time to time I like to publish a post which contains some interesting or even strange cat pictures. Or they might simply be photographs which caught my eye because they are particularly good. For example, on this page there is a photograph of a rusty-spotted cat, which is the smallest wild cat species. It is the best example of a photograph of the species that I’ve seen. It shows the wildness and athleticism in the cat. A lot of people think that this diminutive wild cat might make a good pet but they don’t.

There is always the issue of copyright when publishing photographs on the Internet. It is my belief that these photographs are in the public domain. What I mean is that the copyright holder has waived their right to their intellectual property because over time the photograph has been published widely. Websites such as Pinterest and Google Image Search have, in effect, destroyed the concept of copyright with respect to images on the Internet. If you disagree with me then please leave a comment. I have not provided a credit for the photographs for the reasons stated above.

Another photograph which caught my eye is the one where farm cats are resting on sheep. Cats on farms make friends with sheep. It transforms the public profile of the sheep from a livestock animal to be eaten and referred to by a number to a domestic animal to be respected. These cats, no doubt, like the warmth rising from the sheep and the cosiness of their coat.

Rusty spotted cat by Colin Langford on 500px
Selkirk Rex
Galloping cat
Yoda the four eared cat
Cat using bathroom like human
Real life pixelated cat.
Bengal cat contemplating
Cats like sheep
Painted cat

These are thumbnail images. If you click on them you will go to another page with a short description of what I found caught my eye about the photograph and a larger version of the picture (on desktop only, not available on smartphones).

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