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Ten million cats are killed annually for cat meat. It must stop. — 3 Comments

  1. I wanted to add that stopping the killing of cats and dogs for food is not going to happen when they are readily available and because they will continue to breed in even the most horrific conditions. They are a quick ready supply of protein. I have to assume that S/N are unheard of.
    I am against horse slaughter for many reasons but the only way to slow it down and it has some is to reduce the easy to access surplus.
    Even if they outlawed cat/dog meat there are and will continue to be millions of surplus animals that will simply be snatched for the stew pot.

  2. My in-laws kept and abused a pen of dogs that rivaled anything seen in the Chinese Eat Dogs horror pictures for over 10 years and I couldn’t get any traction to shut their so called breeding operation down.
    I have seen animals in MY country kept in such deplorable conditions I am scared for life over these souls that have been tortured and in a country were we call ourselves animal lovers refuse to send these degenerates to prison and forbid them or anyone in a household where they live to own so much as a pet goldfish.
    Many shelters here still euthanize via a belly stick where the cat is left to die alone.
    I am sickened by what goes on in some countries via the slaughter process and it’s not cultural sensitivity if it’s simply beyond ignorant. If you think boiling a cat or dog alive is necessary you are sub human. Normal humans raised with any compassion will know instinctively this is wrong.
    But…it is just as wrong to me to try and take any superior footing when I have witnessed just the crap that my in-laws have for years with the claim that’s how it’s always been done.

  3. The dog and cat meat trade is absolutely horrifying. Barbaric cruelty extending to this intensity is archaic and inexcusable. Totally needs to end.

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