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Ten of the best Maine Coon cats that you will see — 10 Comments

  1. Have never ever seen a “Maine Coon ” cat in person but thanks to “P.O.C” that i have a theoretical knowledge of this beautiful European/American breed of cats. I will be visiting Vienna,Prague,Krakow ,Budapest and Istanbul in September and would definitely try to view some of these rare cat species.These photo’s of “Maine Coon” breed are gorgeous and i presume this breed is unsuitable for warm climatic conditions in most parts of Asia including my home city of Mumbai.

  2. The European Maine Coon has a very distinctive look which is gaining popularity. There are already breeders in the U.K. and America who’ve imported cats (mainly from Poland and Austria) so they can specialise in this ‘wilder’ look. The public certainly likes these magnificent cats, so I’m curious to see how well they do on the show benches.

      • Since snobbery abounds in the cat show world, the European look may become popular with breeders and judges, because it would make the breed very distinct from look-alike moggies. (I suspect this snobbery may also have contributed towards the ultra-typing of both the Persian and Siamese.)

        I like the British bred Maine Coons best. They strike a nice balance somewhere between the American and European versions. I met one at a pet show last year who was huge, but still had the traditional elegant head shape.

  3. Wow, what beautiful specimens. The blue one is especially dashing. I’m suffering from exhaustion. Having to take six months off. Just had to comment. Thanks!

  4. The European Maine Coons have a different look – more defined muzzle, ears often closer together and can be extra large and the eyes are more inset due to the strong muzzle.

  5. What a joy to see these beauties! I’ve never seen more beautiful Maine Coons. They are an irresistible breed. These wonderful photos really show the variety of color, features and expressions. I’m having a difficult time choosing a favorite, and very glad I don’t have to!

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