Ten-year-old boy saves distinctive kitten from violent death at hands of youths

The picture of Zorro, the kitten with the distinctive facial markings, is charming both from the standpoint of the cat and the lady who is caring for him, Whangārei SPCA animal attendant and volunteer co-ordinator, Viv Webb. Don’t they look great together?

Zorro is full of inquisitiveness and Viv is full of kindness and joy.

Zorro and Viv
Zorro and Viv. Great picture. Photo / Michael Cunningham.
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The New Zealand Herald reports that Zorro the kitten was rescued from thugs by a brave ten-year-old by in Whangārei, New Zealand. The kids were kicking and throwing Zorro around.

It is curious as to why kids would want to get their kicks from harming such a beautiful little kitten with distinctive markings. That’s not to say Zorro’s life is any more valuable than other kittens. It’s just that normally humans are drawn to helping vulnerable, attractive kittens.

I wonder if the general background hostility towards free-roaming cats in New Zealand played a role in the attitude of the kids who were abusing the kitten.

We don’t have the boy’s name. Perhaps his mom wanted to keep him anonymous which is probably wise.

The boy appears to have dived in and scooped up the kitten and taken him home where his mother looked after him for the night until being taken to the SPCA from which he will be re-homed in due course.

4 thoughts on “Ten-year-old boy saves distinctive kitten from violent death at hands of youths”

  1. Responsible parenting seemed to go out of fashion world wide circa 1970.

    Apples don’t fall far from the tree.

    The lad who rescued Zorro is a very good man in the making.

  2. Those kids are lucky I was not around to see this. I would have beat the shit out of them! Little spawns of wasted parents. They do not to exist!


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