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Ten Year Old Cat Declawed Then Sold In A Pet Shop — 35 Comments

  1. The Paw Project summed it up in one word on their face book page where I posted the link to this article:

  2. I’m so glad to see so many people have joined together in writing about their sheer horror at the terrible thing that was done to Martha. It’s good to see new visitors commenting on the article as well as the regulars, there’s nothing that unites cat lovers more than protesting against cruelty to a cat or cats and declawing is up there at the top of the list of cruelty that’s for sure.

  3. No words come to mind that can express the sadness that I feel for Martha.
    But, more than nailing the evil vet to the wall, I would like to know who authorized that vet to do this. Somebody did. I doubt that it just popped into his head one day.

    • I’d like to know more too Dee, who asked for Martha to be 4 paw declawed and why a vet agreed to do it and why she ended up in a Pet Shop. Surely even the useless AVMA can’t approve of cases like this!
      I think there’s a lot more to this than we will ever know but if ever we find out who the cruel culprits are we will make it public and they will get some straight to the point emails about their evil doings, that’s for sure!

    • It’s a horrible story and I don’t know if we will ever know why Martha was at the vet hospital and why some butcher amputated all her toe ends. She looks so sad poor little love, it really illustrates why we must get declawing banned!!!

      • These days I see declawing as another major ‘human failure’ like the others. For me it is depressing because in general (barring many good cat caretakers) our relationship with animals is not yet correct.

  4. I just cant believe anyone would do this to their Beloved cat at age 10Yrs. Whats wrong with People these days. It be like for me to Declaw Smokey Which i would never do. As would terribly break my heart and mind. Thank Goodness its Illegal here in NZ. I just cant understand though why would anyone do that to an Older Cat then Give the Cat away to a Pet Shop and then the Owner saying its not theirs even though its been registered. Whats the Point of having Micro Chipping if you refuse to take the animal Back. It definilty makes me think differently. I just cant believe people do this. Makes me so Mad and Annoyed!!

    • As far as I know Kylee, I don’t believe there is a owner involved. That is why I believe the owner passed. Surely, no one would suggest a 4 paw declaw on their cat at 10 years if age. Martha should have had some kind of protection from the community or at the least from the health worker that I truly believe has destroyed this cat. If it was illegal, we wouldn’t be having this discussion and Martha wouldn’t be ruined.

      • Exactly she should of had some Protection or something. It just makes you reaslise how important it is to have some sort of plan if you get really ill or die. To have them included in a will or some sort of agreement.

        • You are so right Kylee, we must make sure our cats are going to be safe and protected and cared for if we die.
          Babz and I are lucky to have each other but even so we have both made a will and a nephew knows about our wishes for our cats if anything happened to us both together.
          We have a notice in our car too that we have cats at home and who to contact in the event of an accident, you can’t be too careful.

          • Well it was just while reading the article. We dont know what will happen to us. I for one want to know that Family members, or Good friends will either look after that Pet and not just Put the animal Down. As, Cats really are like family members. As we dont know what will happen to us tomorrow or Next week. My Animals mean alot to me like everyones here, and the thought if something happens to us even if in a disaster. I think its important to have some sort of plan. Over here on wspca and spca they suggestion to make a plan for the animals. Like if theres an emergency. WHich i think also a good idea as many of us worldwide now have regularly floods, and other disasters and its important our Beloved Pets are very well protected.

  5. I got such an awful shock when I heard about Martha, so many terrible things happened to her in such a short time. What I’d like to know is, where did she live for the first 10 years of her life and what happened to make her homeless, how sad if she was in fact left homeless after bereavement, where was she living when the decision was made to amputate her toe ends, who made the decision and why, how did she end up in a pet shop, was it Pets at Home or some other shop connected to a shelter and who was actually her “owner” all this time. There is so much we don’t know and neither do we know where she is and who now has her, was she just sold or was she adopted. It’s a nightmare story and I tend to agree with Leah that Martha would have been better off dead than abused as she was, God knows what condition she is in now and how she is coping with her deliberately inflicted disability. The picture of her is heart-breaking, I am so angry that this is still going on even as we fight it and the fight is getting stronger it is still happening and cats are still suffering.

  6. This is appalling and if you are an American and this does not make you ashamed of the culture that is embraced by supposedly cat lovers that allow this to continue without speaking up, you should be embarrassed by your lack of compassion. How anyone would find this is acceptable behavior in a “civilized” nation is beyond me.


    • Too true Cindy, PLEASE all Americans or anyone wherever you are in the world, help us to get this legalised abuse of cats stopped!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more, Cindy!!!! Americans who are cat lovers and don’t stand up need be very ashamed. I will rejoice and throw a party once it is made illegal in American and the outlying islands. This is going too far amputating a senior cats toes/fingers when that is all they have ever known!

  7. Ruth – Do you what state Martha is in & what pet shop this was? We really need to track down exactly what vet did this to her so we can spread the word far and wide. Thanks!!!

    • Susan, I know she was “sold” in North Carolina. I would love to find out the name of the unethical scumbag that inflicted such cruelty upon Martha. I would shout their name from the rooftop.

    • Cindy and other cat rescuers are trying to find out more and I’m sure will tell us when they do.
      I know the rescuers are hoping the person who adopted Martha will return her to the Pet Shop if they can’t cope with her problems, then they could get her to the Persian Rescue and the best care for her.

  8. This is one too many stories of vets destroying cats. Why are they literally getting away with murder? Why isn’t this all over the news? Why, why, why. To the evil vet who did this to this poor cat, don’t think your going to get away with it, all evil actions have their consequences.

    • For me the culture of considering declawing of cats as acceptable has desensitized cat owners and vets to the severity of the operation. There is a lack of empathy for the cat. It is legalised cat abuse and a complete aberration of a veterinarian’s code of practice. Something went terribly wrong with the veterinary profession in America for this to happen.

    • You are right, it should be all over the news and this is why I wrote this article, to share far and wide and let the world know how evil the vet is who declawed poor Martha

  9. I am livid!!. I have cried over that little face and the way she just hangs her head wondering what the hell happened 🙁

    If she did belong to an old person she was having a lovely life and then some bloody evil vet did that to her!!! Whoever it was shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it!!

    I urge all involved with this poor cat to please find out as much as possible and let us all know because what happened to this beautiful girl is unforgivable and whoever it was should be hunted down and their life should be made a misery!!

    We each and every one of us needs to let the butcher know each and every day that they are nothing but EVIL SCUM!!!

    Bad enough ending up in a rescue but to end up in a small cage probably still in agony with people looking, poking the way she hangs her head just says ‘leave me alone please all just go away I want to die’ Breaks my heart she would be better off dead now because all she is is a shadow of a cat nothing more ……

  10. Great essay as always, Ruthie. But sickening story. Worst thing I’ve come across since this morning, when a news bulletin said the dead bodies of seven health-care workers, trying to treat victims of ebola, were found in a latrine, murdered by the natives.

    At library right now, and the minutes are ticking away. Am a techi-retard, and haven’t a clue how to use ‘Pay Pal,’ nor could I use a DVD. Will send PAWS a check for twenty dollars – which won’t help a thing – if I can find their mailing address, but have to look some more when I get home, as this computer is shutting down before long.

  11. -Words cannot begin to EXPRESS MY SORROW over this cats declawing nor the DISGUST and ANGER I HOLD for those in-humane humans who allowed it to happen.I DO NOT CONDONE DECLAWING AT ALL-NEVER WILL-}

  12. Thank you Ruth for sharing and letting us know about an other cruelty which is considered “as legal” in many countries 🙁 this story tells us about the negative intentions of some people who belief that with the de-clawing surgery they can rid off the natural scratching behavior of a cat.

    The ultimate result would be the biting behavior and I am thinking about such a mentality bearing people that would they pull every teeth out of the cat?

    Training is an important step for cats and I belief that even a cat is elder cat, we can teach her according to our needs/satisfaction. These are very intelligent creatures of God and they can understand very much the likings/dis-likings of their masters.

    I am feeling very sad and strange for Martha (poor girl) 🙁

    • Ahsan, no, if the cat starts biting, the owner doesn’t have his teeth removed. Instead, they take the cat to a shelter where they are killed because they have “behavior issues”. They never get a chance to find another home. In short, they lose their life because their owner had them mutilated and didn’t like the outcome of the declawing. If a cat owner knows the truth about what declaw surgery is, and the problems that can happen, and still proceed with the amputation, I say they do not love the cat.

  13. It should be BANNED … it’s an amputation of the last joint of your cat’s “toes”. Declawing is not a humane act. It’s a painful surgery, with a painful recovery period.. Please go to declawing.com and read an article written by Veterinarian, Dr. Christianne Schelling. I don’t know why any vet would allow this to happen. There are many articles about declawing cats … some countries have banned the practice of it. Please get properly informed before you consider such a horridly drastic measure.

  14. I am hurting for poor Martha. . . this is just unspeakable!!! Declawing a senior! How inhumane!! There aren’t enough words for me to really say how I feel. Praying for Martha that hopefully she has an understanding owner who will understand her needs. Ruth, PLEASE keep us posted if possible . . . .

    love and prayers. . . ♥♥♥

    • Yes it’s just unspeakable! Declawing is EVIL and I really can’t understand why vets still do it, they can’t pretend not to know what they are doing, they just don’t care as long as the dollars roll in.
      Yes if I hear any more, I will post it here, I know the rescuers are hoping the person who adopted Martha will return her to the Pet Shop if they can’t cope with her problems, then they could get her to the Persian Rescue and the best care for her.

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