Tender, beautiful and sad picture of a domestic cat sleeping with their Ukrainian warrior companion

A ginger tabby-and-white cat befriends a Ukraine soldier on the front line of the war in the trenches. It hurts to see it.

Anton Gerashchenko on Twitter says: Instead of a thousand words; guarding our warrior’s sleep. I find the photograph both tender and poignant. It shouldn’t be like this: a cat surviving with the help of a Ukrainian soldier in the trenches, WW1-style. And the soldier having to endure this harsh and extremely dangerous life in defence of their country against the aggressor Putin.

This ginger tabby cat should be living in a warm apartment with their owner. What happened to the cat’s owner? No idea. Probably killed in the war. Who knows. Although it is great to see this sweet relationship, it is not one to aspire to. It should not exist. I feel for both the soldier and the cat who’ve come together for mutual support in the most impossible and frightening of times.

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At the front of this war there is trench warfare as if this is WW1. Similar tactics are being employed. The Russians have dug-in. They are hard to shift which is why the war has become bogged down. It means the soldiers on the Ukraine side make friends with stray domestic cats and dogs who provide a service. The reports from the Russian side is that they kill and eat domestic dogs and cats! That’s what I have heard. Perhaps things have changed but at the commencement of the war the Russians were short of food and treated dogs and cats as a food source.

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I don’t know about you but I pray that this war ends soon but the talk is that it might go on for 10 years. It will fizzle out, but when. How many animals and humans will have to die or their lives ruined by life-changing injuries before this madness ends?

I think we need to think of the animals as well. The reports are that many more animals have died compared to humans. Many have been fatally injured or just injured and die slowly. We need to mention them and think of them. They are completely innocent.

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