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Tennessee’s laws on shooting cats for sport…. — 5 Comments

    • You are an unpleasant person. I will let you comment on the site because people need to know that unpleasant people like you exist. To say that the only good cat is a dead cat is highly unpleasant. It indicates a lack of morality. It indicates that you do not have a level of decency desirable in a human being.

  1. I have been brought into this ugly senseless cruelty towards cats. I was living at a trailer park in MANCHESTER, TN. and the owners there hated cats. They wasn’t aware that i seen one of them shooting a cat.The police said it was against the law for shooting a cat. If i could produce proof i could have the person arrested. It was my word against a very powerful person who was well know in the small town.HE was very wealthy. HE HAS BEEN GETTING AWAY WITH KILLING CATS A LONG TIME. MY QUESTION IS WHEN DOES IT STOP WITH CATS AND THEN GOES TO HUMANS?

    • Alice, thank for stopping by the website. And thanks for commenting. I realise shooting of cats goes on a lot and the people who do it very rarely get caught and prosecuted. There is just no desire to bother to do it by the police and as you say the people who do it have connections and so on. Sometimes the police shoot cats as well. It is terribly cruel and horrible human behavior. It shows the bad side of people and there are lots of bad, lazy and nasty people out there.

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