Tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees and their pets entering USA via Mexico

NEWS AND COMMENT-SAN DIEGO, USA: There is an interesting back story to the Facebook announcement by the San Diego Humane Society which posted that a Ukrainian refugee was able to reunite with her beloved Pomeranian after the dog had completed a 28-day rabies quarantine required by US law. The woman had entered the US via the Mexican-US border and the San Diego Humane Society partnered with the CDC and the US Customs and Border Protection to provide a safe place for pets to stay during the quarantine period.

“Pets are family, and families should never be forced apart,” says SDHS president and CEO Dr. Gary Weitzman in a statement.

PETA Germany at Ukraine Border Feb 2022
PETA Germany at Ukraine Border Feb 2022. The relaxation of border control rules regarding companion animals is to avoid what we see in this photograph with PETA apparently rescuing a cat. The photograph is by PETA.
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For some readers who are unsure, San Diego is on the border with Mexico and on the West Coast of the USA. In Mexico, Tijuana is just over the border.

San Diego Humane Society announcement
San Diego Humane Society announcement on FB. This is a screenshot as the post can’t be embedded.

I hadn’t realised that refugees from Ukraine, fleeing the war created by Putin’s illegal invasion of the country, were being stopped in large numbers as “inadmissibles” at the Mexican border just south of San Diego. Of the 22,409 inadmissible people at the San Diego port of entry, 19,016 were from Ukraine in April 2022. The total inadmissible people arriving at the US border seeking entry into the country in April 2022 numbered 20,994. Interestingly, there were 2,613 Russians trying to do the same thing – see list below. Arrivals from Ukraine average 700 per day during April.

Inadmissibles into USA from Mexico April 2022
‘Inadmissibles’ into USA from Mexico April 2022. This is the top third of the chart. In all 54,212 tried to enter the US in April of 2022.

In all, in April 2022, 54,212 refugees and inadmissible people were trying to gain entry into the USA. There is massive immigration into the USA and the country’s population is growing rapidly. They have the space currently and they need to grow the economy like any other country but one day they will be like the UK! Running out of space. It is very sad that so many feel it necessary to flee their homeland.

Another interesting aspect of the back story concerning the helpful way the San Diego Humane Society is operating to help the pets of these refugees is that 40% of Ukrainian adults were males. The proportion of males is surprisingly high, much higher than the proportion of males entering countries adjacent to Ukraine in Europe. It looks as if some Ukrainian men are fleeing the country and looking for a permanent home in America despite the Ukraine government banning all male citizens aged between 18-16 from leaving the country to ensure that they fight in defence of the country.

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