Tense and irritating cat rescue from a slippery roof in Kazakhstan

Man rescues cat from a slippery roof
Man rescues cat from a slippery roof. Screenshot.
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Yes, I did find this cat rescue video irritating as well as a little tense because he keeps laughing. The cat isn’t laughing. She’s scared. You can tell by the sound of her voice and how she moves. She can’t get a grip of the corrugated roofing. It looks like an asbestos roof actually! It was banned in the UK donkeys’ years ago. Anyway, he uses his brain and figures out a way of saving the cat from falling off the roof. He uses an item of clothing, it seems. The cat has something to grab hold of and bingo, we have a cat rescue. I know I have no right to criticise but he grabs the cat by the left leg. A bit dodgy. Why not take hold of the scruff of the neck briefly? That would have been safer. Anyway, well-done to him for persevering and getting the job done.

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