Terminal grandpa feral cat mentors orphaned domestic kittens and enjoys life in the process

I don’t need words for this one. It is all in the video. It’s nice to see this grumpy, geriatric male feral cat warm up emotionally when he found himself around some orphaned domestic kittens. Both get a lot out of the relationship. Grumpy grandpa soften and became excited to play with the kittens and the kittens learned some rules of feline life such as ‘manners’ (how not to bite too hard in play for starters).

The best kind of cat story. My thanks to The Dodo and the kind and smart lady who put them together.

P.S. The image quality of the video is poor. This is probably because Twitter processes uploaded videos and makes them less heavy in terms of byte size. This in turn reduces image quality. The message remains clear.

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2 thoughts on “Terminal grandpa feral cat mentors orphaned domestic kittens and enjoys life in the process”

  1. This is so sweet….I love seniors and this just gives me tears and fills me with happiness for him to live his life in love now

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