Terrified cat clings to roof of a van at 60 mph

A terrified cat clings to the roof of a van while it travels at about 60 mph down a freeway: Interstate 480 in Nebraska. It looks terrifying and very strange.

The question being asked is how it happened. You’d have thought the driver of the van would have seen the cat before he/she set off. Perhaps the cat jumped on just as he set off. But if so it should have been noticeable.

The Rankin family filmed it. It occurred at around 8:30pm. Rankin called out to the driver as they passed. They got the message and slowed down to pull over.

We don’t know what happened next unfortunately. It would be nice to be reassured that the cat was taken into the vehicle and taken home eventually. We have no idea if the driver of the vehicle is the cat’s owner.

The Nebraska Humane Society is involved. They want answers, (1) how did it happen and (2) is the cat safe?

You can call the Humane Society on 402-444-7800 if you have answers!

It is a bizarre story and a weird video. It is hard to imagine how it could have happened. The big question is whether the cat is owned by the occupants of the van. If that is the case they are could be prosecuted but I won’t jump the gun and go down that speculative route.


Good news. It was just one of those things….

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5 thoughts on “Terrified cat clings to roof of a van at 60 mph”

  1. I cannot watch the video; just praying that the poor kitty is somewhere safe now. Thank you to the Rankin family for alerting the driver of the van. I would think and hope that this was truly an accidental occurrence.😱😰

    • Me too. I watched it and the cat was terrified. I have a sneaking suspicion that this is animal cruelty and deliberate but that is a wild guess.


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