Terrorists Are at War with France. France Is Not yet at War with Terrorists

I feel compelled to briefly write about the horrendous terrorist attack in Nice, France when a Tunisian man drove a large lorry down the Promenade Des anglaise in Nice killing at least 80 promenaders during Bastille day celebrations.

A minister in France said that terrorists are at war with France. I agree. It is said that it is impossible to stop individual terrorists acting like this. I disagree but it depends whether the French government and French citizens are prepared to curtail human rights.

If the French respond in a half-hearted manner then it will happen again. If the French government decide to ramp up anti-security measures by a factor of 10 then it may well happen again but the chances of it occurring will be significantly reduced.

France should put themselves on a war footing and that automatically means a restriction of human rights of innocent citizens. It will mean far greater security. It will mean taking steps which will be unpopular in the interests of safety and security.

As I understand it, the immediate past and most recent attack have been carried out by French citizens whose families originally come from Tunisia or Algeria. France has a long history of association with Algeria and Tunisia. In these countries, the Islamic faith is prominent as I also understand it.

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Perhaps it is time to target the Algerian and Tunisian communities in France and Belgium with much heavier security checks. Obviously the authorities must be sensitive to human rights but there must be a much tougher approach. This is not being racist. This is being practical.

To an outsider looking in, this terrorist war seems to be one-sided. It is almost as if terrorists in France can do as they please, even importing assault rifles. I’m referring to the recent shootings in Paris, in November 2015, when 130 people were shot by terrorists.

It is time for France to join the war against terrorists. There is not time for half-hearted measures and a softly softly approach if they wish to take real steps to minimise terrorist activity in the country. Currently, even since the Paris atrocities, terrorists within France are waging war on the state and against the citizens of France yet France itself is not at war with terrorists. French citizens are passive sitting ducks waiting to be picked off. It is an uneven battle unless the state takes more dramatic steps.

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Michael Broad

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  1. M E King says:

    Immigration needs to include the requirement to integrate not commute en mass to another country and then be affronted because they don’t have your values or religious beliefs.
    Screaming about profiling and human rights has become a shield for terrorists. Being politically correct is leading to death.

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