Tesla logo is like a cat’s nose leather

Elon Musk has gotta be a closet cat lover as his Tesla logo is like a cat’s nose leather.

Tesla logo is like cat nose leather
Tesla logo is like cat nose leather. I’ve elongated the cat’s nose a little to make it match better 🙂 . Image: PoC.
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Elon Musk likes animals it appears:

Elon Musk lives with three companion animals (28 Apr 2019): two dogs and one cat, but I guess things change. Note that the cat is named after Schrödinger’s cat, the well-known, impenetrable puzzle about a cat being dead and alive at the same time, which nobody understands and which is discussed quite a lot on the Internet. I’m just pleased that Mr Musk appears to like companion animals. It’s a good sign. Although I would back a person living with a cat as being more likely to be decent than a person living with a dog.

That’s not to say you get some bad people living with cats. I remember a woman conning people on Facebook soliciting donations to look after her rescue cats when in fact she was an abusive cat hoarder causing suffering to her cats. That’s the kind of thing that happens sometimes in the rescue cat world.

The thing about dog owners is that sometimes they have too much testosterone which can lead a man going down the wrong path to criminality and abuses of both animals and people. You’ll find that cat owners are generally more gentle and more likely to be female.

So what does the Tesla logo mean? It might look like a cat’s nose leather but I’m sure that Mr Musk was not inspired by this charming piece of feline anatomy. I’m told that the logo represents the cross-section of an electric motor. This comes from Mr Musk himself in responding to a query by one of his Twitter followers. The logo was designed by RO Studio, a design business which has a long relationship with Elon Musk.

Out of interest, web surfers have turned TESLA into an acronym standing for a variety of things. I don’t think that Mr Musk dreamt up the name, or his partners did, as an acronym. It’s just that people are jumping on the bandwagon and enjoying themselves in making things up. On the Tesla website there is a forum where people have contributed to this pastime. One example is:
Tev Energy Superconducting Linear Accelerator.

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