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Texas 3rd Court of Appeals issues final mandate against cat killer Kristen Lindsey

A final mandate was issued by the Texas 3rd Court of Appeals on August 9 against cat killer Kristen Lindsey. All previous sanctions will remain in effect and Lindsey is required to pay all court costs.

sanctions to continue, Kristen must pay court costs (Tiger’s Justice Team News)

Tiger’s Justice Team News, the go-to place on Facebook that has kept us informed since the beginning, posted the following statement on Saturday

“August 9, 2019
At last the book has closed on Kristen Lindsey’s futile litigation against the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners. TJT supporters will recall Lindsey’s numerous attempts to evade the lenient consequences issued by the vet board in response to her heinous action of needlessly killing a neighbor’s cat named Tiger with a hunting bow and arrow. Tiger was a patient at the veterinary clinic where Lindsey was then employed.

In brief, the Court’s original verdict has been fully upheld. All vet board sanctions remain in effect and Lindsey is required to pay court costs.”

I’ve done a total of 46 articles (this makes 47) on Lindsey. The tragic case of the veterinarian killing a helpless cat named Tiger has easily been the most publicized in recent years (with Julianne Westberry following close behind). You can access the articles I’ve done across several publications by clicking here.

A PDF download of the just closed on case is available in its entirety.

There are articles reported daily in mainstream media of cats being shot (and often killed) with a bow and arrow. Sometimes I wonder whether the world simply has that many monsters or whether Kristen started it all or whether this has happened all along and media is just now reporting it more often.


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