Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners implied that Kristen Lindsey was indoctrinated into shooting feral cats

Lindsey was indoctrinated into believing that shooting feral cats was acceptable
Lindsey was indoctrinated into believing that shooting feral cats was acceptable
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I was provoked into briefly revisiting the notorious Kristen Lindsey case which is still pretty fresh in my mind even though it was closed on October 20th 2016 in a final court order against her which suspended her practicing certificate for five years with four years on probation in I believe an amendment to the suspension order.

The end was disappointing as she had carelessly shot died a person’s pet cat, Tiger, because she believed him to be feral and where she came from (rural Wyoming) they sometimes shoot dead feral cats. That’s what the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners said. Also, in backhandedly excusing her criminal behaviour (she was never charged with a crime) the Board said that were she practiced veterinary medicine (Texas) the citizens sometimes shoot feral cats dead. So, she was indoctrinated into believing it was okay to shoot feral cats dead with either a gun or bow and arrow.

Here is an extract from the Board’s final order. This section is in the ‘preamble’ where the Board goes over the background history of the case to place her actions into context.

Preamble to Board's final order against Kristen Lindsey
Preamble to Board’s final order against Kristen Lindsey. Click on the text above to see it larger and therefore easier to read.

You can see that the Board are presenting some mitigating contextual circumstances in Lindsey’s background which might help to explain why she shot dead Tiger with a bow and arrow. By the way the Board said that at 20 yards away she shot Tiger dead with one shot through the head which killed him instantly. Not sure about that. Is this in praise of Lindsey’s shooting skills?

When I read this section of the final order, I asked Google Gemini some questions about the legality of shooting dead feral cats with gun or bow feral cats in Wyoming and Texas. If she was indoctrinated into shooting dead feral cats, was she indoctrinated into doing something legal or illegal? I think that is relevant and it is not mentioned by the Board. The point is that as an educated veterinarian she should be aware of the criminality or legality of her actions. She should have challenged what she appears to have learned.

Wyoming state law permits shooting of feral and stray cats with a bow and arrow. True or false?

There’s no clear answer on whether Wyoming law specifically allows shooting feral or stray cats with a bow and arrow. Here’s why:

  • Wyoming permits hunting big game animals (like deer, elk) with archery equipment during designated seasons under specific regulations.
  • Feral and stray cats aren’t classified as big game animals.

It’s best to consult the Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) for definitive regulations on what animals are legal to hunt with archery equipment. They have resources on archery licenses and regulations specific to different big game animals.

Here are some helpful resources:

Do Texas residents in some rural communities kill feral cats with rifles?

It’s possible that some Texas residents in rural communities might resort to killing feral cats with rifles, but here’s the key point:

  • It’s illegal in Texas to shoot feral cats with rifles or any other firearm. This law was passed in 2007.

However, there might be a couple of reasons why someone might disregard the law:

  • Misinformation: They might be unaware of the law change.
  • Frustration: Feral cats can be a nuisance and a threat to native wildlife.

Here are some more humane and legal alternatives for dealing with feral cats in Texas:

  • Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) Programs: These programs humanely trap, neuter, and release feral cats, which helps control their population without harming them.
  • Contacting Animal Control: Local animal control authorities might have resources for trapping and relocating feral cats.

If you’re concerned about feral cats in your area, exploring these options is a safer and more responsible course of action.

What does ‘indoctrinated’ mean? – I asked Gemini this to check that my title is accurate. It is.

Indoctrinated means to be taught or influenced to accept a particular set of beliefs, especially in a way that prevents you from questioning them. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Teaching: There’s an element of instruction involved. Someone is actively presenting ideas or beliefs.
  • Specific Beliefs: It’s not just about general knowledge. It’s about accepting a particular ideology, opinion, or viewpoint.
  • Limited Thinking: The key part is that indoctrination discourages critical thinking. You’re supposed to accept the ideas without questioning them.

Here are some examples of how indoctrinated is used:

  • A cult leader might indoctrinate his followers into believing they are the chosen ones.
  • The media can sometimes be accused of indoctrinating people with a particular political bias.
  • Some parents worry that their children are being indoctrinated with certain values at school.

It’s important to note that indoctrination has a negative connotation. It implies that someone is being manipulated and not given the freedom to think for themselves.


You’d have thought that Kristen Lindsey would have at least checked if shooting feral cats with a bow and arrow was legal or criminal in Texas before killing Tiger. She instinctively killed the cat. A sort of acceptance that what she was doing was entirely reasonable. It was not. Far from it. She did not consider any other way forward such as asking if the cat was feral or a stray domestic cat. Asking if there are better ways of dispatching feral cats such as standard euthanasia. No, she likes to shoot arrows at animals. She was taught that directly (by her parents?) and/or indirectly through the illegal activities of Texans who we are told shoot dead feral cats and get away with it as the law is unenforced. She should have checked the law. She should have asked herself some tough questions on whether her predilection to shooting animals was consistent with her profession of veterinarian. It was not and is not.

Many people still believe that she got off lightly as she committed a crime. However, she was punished mercilessly in social media sites for a few years. Perhaps that was punishment enough. The legacy of her misdemeanor is still with her. Her name is notorious.


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