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Texas City Council Votes To Get Rid of Their Library Cat — 10 Comments

  1. I can’t understand the sheer stupidity & ignorance of some people. Must all politicians be that dense? I would love it if there was a cat at my local library. As a matter of fact .. I’d go just to see the cat!!! “IF” this cat is popular with people and they go to the library to see the cat … then why remove it? Leave the friggin cat where he is. Stop being a bunch of petty, immature idiots!!!!

    • I couldn’t put it better myself. I would be like you. If I knew that my library had a cat then I would visit the library to see the cat 😉

  2. More stupidity from Texas. One cat can make a difference in the emotional lives of so many children and adults that are touched by their interaction with Browser. Removing this cat may have serious effects, especially on children, who don’t understand the political (and hateful) reasons behind it.

  3. For some,the cat is probably the reason they go to the library. Such a shame. All because of an idiot with a dog. The dog is just a worker’s pet. The cat is the library’s and their trademark.

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