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Texas floods: in adversity, people pull together to save animals — 6 Comments

  1. I’m so sorry to come forward with Texas bashing, but that state has the worst reputation for animal welfare. After all, that’s Jim Stevenson’s home state.
    It’s another drink beer, whoop ass, and hunt animal state.
    Again, I’m so sorry to write that I don’t believe that animal welfare would ever be a priority there.
    Most Americans consider Texas to be the hellhole of America and shameful.

    • It is funny you should say that because even Brits have similar ideas about Texas! They are well-known for the sort of things you mention. It looks like not all Texans are of that ilk.

  2. I just found a nice brand vest for $5. The trash can idea is ingenious, but wouldn’t work for me.

  3. This is wonderful and heartwarming to see. I wonder how many of these people have fostered animals before, or if this tragedy prompted them to do it for the first time. If so, maybe they’ll do it in the future.

    This storm and flood makes me wonder how many readers have floatation gear for their pets? I’ve been thinking about getting a vest for my cat, since I do live in a flood zone in Northern California.

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