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Texas Students Present Grieving Teacher with a Pair of Kittens — 14 Comments

  1. Watched the video over and over and am convinced, now, that this generous gift was right.

    Tonya is, genuinely, overjoyed.

    It looks like she has a little calico girl and, maybe, a little black boy. Hopefully, they were spayed/neutered, just to sweeten the pot.

    Such a gift may not suited for every grieving person; but, this situation feels right to me.

  2. The kittens will be a definite distraction! It’s going to be hard to laugh and cry at the same time. Timing of events isn’t usually something we consciously choose. Most of us do try, but life has it’s own way with us. So, resistance is usually futile. Grief and joy come in and out the same door.

  3. Thanks, Elisa.
    It’s not always wise to replace a cat quickly. Grieving is important. But, in this case, it worked out well.
    Tears for this teach and kits!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Needed this happiness today.

  4. Super story. This lady is charming. She must have had a very close relationship with her cat. She also must have been deeply upset to be tearful in class. I’m sure the kittens will be extremely happy with her. The only question I have is whether the gift was too early after the passing of her cat but that would seem not to be the case because she is delighted with her gift.

    All of us who are cat advocates will understand her emotional distress and grieving on the passing of her cat. It can take a very long time to get over it.

      • I got two kittens a couple of weeks after the death of my 14.5 year old cat. I was grieving and missed her, but the place was so empty, and the cat tree was there too. I missed having a cat too. The kittens helped a lot. They didn’t replace my cat, I still cry for her occasionally, but they did provide distraction and some consolation too. It’s really personal how soon you should do it, but there are so many homeless cats out there, and if you lost your cat you have a home all ready, you can help other cats and they help you.

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