Texas veterinarian kills neighbour’s cat with bow and arrow. Biggest cat story in America.

Tiger a ginger cat

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Texas, USA: Tiger was a ginger tomcat belonging to a neighbour of Dr Kristen Lindsey, a veterinarian (note: CNN say this needs to be confirmed). She thought he was a feral cat so she proudly shot him with a bow and arrow through his head.  She says she deserves “the vet of the year award” and it would be gladly accepted. The crude mentality is shocking.

Apparently she’s been sacked but, God willing, if this is all true, she’ll be arrested and charged by the local police force and then prosecuted through the criminal courts under animal cruelty laws. But this is Texas. Alley Cat Allies is offering a $7,500 reward for evidence leading to he arrest. Justice needs to be done. She denies that she has lost her job saying:

“No. I did not lose my job. Psshh. Like someone would get rid of me. I am Awesome!”

The arrogance beggars belief. Dr Lindsay posted a photograph of herself with Tiger on social media, which is quite revolting:

Cat shot by veterinarian Texas

Some comments on social media:

Cat shot by veterinarian Texas

Tiger had gone missing a few hours earlier that day before he was shot by this cruel woman. Hardly veterinarian material is she?

It is amazing how inherently cruel people can so proudly, confidently and, yes, arrogantly post photographs of their disgusting misdeeds on social media websites. It tells us a bit about them – no good. The image has been shared thousands of times on social network sites and there is, quite naturally, an uproar and a page headed “Justice the Tiger”, which was set up by animal lovers.

A Texas Veterinary Association spokesperson has made it quite clear that her actions are not reflective of the veterinary profession.  Well, phew… I’m pleased to hear that. If it was typical it would be quite a sad day wouldn’t it?  The spokesperson goes on to say that they strive to embody the words of the veterinarian’s oath everyday.  I’m sorry to say that they fail every day because they declaw cats every day which is a breach of their oath.

The spokesperson also said that her employment has been terminated.  She was employed at a Brenham clinic so it appears that Dr Lindsey is lying or she was about to be sacked:

vet sacked for killing cat

The clinic understandably want to distance themselves from this woman:

“Our goal now is to go on and try to fix our black eye and hope that people are reasonable and understand that those actions don’t anyway portray what we’re for here at Washington Animal Clinic,” said Dr. Bruce Buenger. “We put our heart and soul into this place.”

The case has been forwarded to the local attorney for review to see whether criminal charges can be pressed against her.

There is now a support Kristen page on FB:

“Ok everyone so here is the deal… Everyone makes mistakes and nobody is perfect. This is a mistake that Ms. Lindsey will learn from. Does she deserve to be punished for what she stated on social media? Yes, because it was a stupid mistake. Does she deserve to be killed like the cat? No! We can all come to an agreement that what was done was not right, but she is not the only person who has ever done something like this, the only difference is they did not post it on social media. It was kept behind closed doors! Does it make it completely right? No! Is media telling you the whole story, and absolutely everything that occurred? Heck no! We as supporters do not completely condone on everything that was done, we do however that believe that she can overcome and learn from her mistake that was made!”

The following comment got a lot of Likes on the support Kristen FB page:

“This monster, who joked and bragged about killing, does not deserve support. She deserves to be arrested, tried and jailed. SHE put it out there on social media. She should be haunted by what she has done, in every aspect of her life, until the day she dies.”

My thanks to Elisa for telling me about this.

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Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 74-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare. If you want to read more click here.

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26 Responses

  1. elliott doland says:

    Molly, Tiger was someone’s pet. Kindly take your head out of your rear end.

  2. MollyFolly says:

    If you truly care about the well-being of animals, then destroying free-roaming cats is the most humane thing to do of all options available (even for the cats themselves).

    Destroy any one invasive-species cat = save the lives of thousands of native animals. That’s the TRUE suffering-animal equation. Saving them from being tortured to death by being disemboweled-alive or skinned-alive and left to suffer to death, or their offspring left to starve to death after the parents are killed or after cats have destroyed all of their ONLY food-sources — and all done to NATIVE animals that actually belong here by just ONE invasive-species cat.

    It appears that this admirable veterinarian understood this. While all the other scum-of-the-earth veterinarians gleefully rub their hands together thinking about their bank-accounts — just waiting for someone to bring in the next almost-dead road-kill cat or loser in a TNR territorial battle so they can line their pockets with cash from almost-dead and suffering cats.

    Would you like me to tell you in grisly detail about the thousands of poor suffering animals on my lands, their screeches drawing my attention every day, my having to drive-off a cat that just attacked it, and then stomping that poor animal to death with my own boot to hush its torment caused by YOUR cats? This was a daily occurrence for nearly 2 decades. My driveways used to be lined with the senseless writhing and screeching carnage of YOUR cats’ play-toys every morning. Perhaps you need to feel and hear the sound of a small animal’s skull pop beneath your own foot for 2 decades, every day, until you “get it”. People (if I can use that term) like you disgust me. Why senseless and useless animal-torturing things like you were ever even born is a mystery to me. If you believe in karma then you’ll deserve to die just as inhumanely as you let all your cats torture all other animals to death — by being gutted-live or skinned-alive, then your hoping like heII that something will come along to put you out of your misery too. But it won’t be me who saves you from your much-deserved and well-earned karmic death. I wouldn’t even risk dirtying my boots with your unused gray-matter — I’d just keep on walking, to a far far better day and let you scream yourself to death.

    If you want to end the slow torturous deaths of thousands of animals, you must begin with destroying any one free-roaming cat, NO MATTER HOW YOU HAVE-TO ACCOMPLISH THAT.

    I saved countless THOUSANDS of animals from suffering to death, and the guaranteed continuation of thousands of beneficial and admirable animal species to live healthy and full lives, animals upon which our very own lives depend. (Some native predators that I even hand-raised from certain demise. The few remaining native predators on my lands that hadn’t already been starved to death by an infestation of cats.) All that senseless suffering of animals stopped permanently by simply shooting and burying every last one of HUNDREDS of these vermin cats roaming free — collared or not. Because collared-strays are the very source of every last feral cat. Not ONE of the collared cats in my area was sterilized. I checked before throwing each one into its well-deserved hole in the ground. It’s called “being a responsible steward of the land”. Time to grow-up into a responsible adult with a spine and a real heart and get away from your bambi-cartoon curricula and pavement-brained ignorance.

    All NATIVE wildlife on my lands is now returning to normal, it rebounded faster than I could have ever hoped for. I estimate about 1 returning or 1 never-seen-before native species arrived on my land PER DAY for 5 years since every last cat is gone. That’s a LOT of species that cats destroyed or starved to death during their 15 years here. Nature is once again back in balance, as it was, and as it should be. Native predators are no longer starving to death due to cats destroying their only food sources. No countless thousands of prey-specie animals being tortured to death for disemboweled and skinned-alive twitching play-toys for vermin cats. No longer are these invasive species cats spreading their 3dozen+ deadly zoonotic diseases to all animals and humans. AND I no longer have any rodent problem. Owls returned, as did the hawks, fox, raccoons, shrikes, and opossum and other NATIVE predators that get rid of rodents the RIGHT WAY, without attracting more of them with cats’ T. gondii brain-hijacking parasite. The most valuable of all are the tiny 1.75-inch Masked Shrew, which evolved a poisonous bite specifically for preying on rodents at their very source, in the burrows right where rodents breed. Cats ALWAYS destroy these tiny David vs. Goliath marvels first, thus ensuring an endless supply of rodents to entertain the cats and your own stupid lives on into infinity.

    I get to hear owls hooting again every night, a sound I had not heard for 15 years because cats had destroyed all their visible/attainable food sources. One so tame it sits on a branch about 10 ft. from my door. It caught a vole I had disturbed one time walking through my yard, the owl landing nearly between my feet to capture the vole. It just looking straight-up at me all proud about its catch. I had to step over that owl to let it continue on in its proud moment. Hawks soar over my trees again. Chipmunks treat me to a chipmunk-chorus most every calm summer evening again, another sound I had not heard for 15 years. (Ever hear that sound? It sounds like a melodic wooden wind-chime coming from every direction in the forest as they call to each other, each clucking with their own unique note of their chorus before bedding-down. It’s an astounding experience to hear it just once in your life but I get to hear it most every calm warm day before sunset, sometimes in calm late mornings too before they take their noon nap.) A family of Gray Fox (one of the most beneficial native animals to grace the land) made a den near my home. I often see them bringing a clownish kit or two along with to patrol my yard for any edibles. Birds I had never seen in my life before now nest here. 2 of the species are warblers listed in the top-10-songbirds of the world. What an amazing sound to awaken to during warm months. I wasn’t a birder before but these amazing animals are now convincing me otherwise.

    The lifelong rewards for destroying and disposing of every last one of these pestilent invasive-species vermin cats on your lands are priceless and immeasurable.

    I now feel nothing but pity for anyone who has cats around them. They have made their own lives, and the lives of all others around them, dismally bereft and empty and they don’t even realize it.

  3. Irish says:

    So far the page I created has over 3,000 that Liked it,also I corrected the cover photo,I was in rush last night making the page that I put up the wrong cat but has been fixed!

    • Elisa, I have just done a follow up like you. This does not surprise me one bit. The sheriff is kicking the whole thing into the long grass.

      • Elisa says:

        I was afraid this would happen. I’m glad Alley Cat Allies has the $7,500 reward offered for information leading to a conviction. The pages keep popping up and get taken down almost as fast as I can keep up with them. My biggest question is what would be happening if this were a dog? Since dogs get more attention than cats.

        • Have some of the FB pages been removed by Facebook? Or are they removed by the people who put them up?

          • Elisa says:

            They’re saying Facebook is taking them down. One friend of mine posted a comment, nothing threatening, on the Kristen Lindsey page and then copied and pasted the same comment on her own wall. Facebook even removed her private post to her own wall.

  4. Irish says:

    facebook took down the page created for Tiger due to death threats to Kristen Lindsey and her family so I created another,if ye would Jo Singer,Michael Broad and Elisa Black Taylor promote the page?


  5. J. Martin says:

    Heartless people need to be punished for what they do; Especially when they brag about it. The worse thing is .. she’s proud of it!!! It’s disgusting because she’s a vet. THEY are suppose to help animals and not cause unnecessary suffering or death. I’d like to see her used as target practice (see if she enjoys it much). Right through her ugly head. I’d like to say her heart. BUT .. she has none!!!!

    • It occurred to me to ask myself, how many other vets have a similar mentality? I ask that because 99% of vets in the US declaw cats. That is pretty brutal too and for non-therapeutic reasons. A true, caring vet wouldn’t declaw for non-therapeutic reasons.

  6. Michele S. says:

    The Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners have requested that anyone wanting to comment on this case should contact them by e-mail rather than their FB page;


    I’ve also posted to the Austin County Sheriff’s Office FB page, saying how many of us in the UK are following the story. It disgusting that a vet, whom one would expect to care for animals, took so much joy from killing a defenceless animal in such a brutal manner.

    I know who I would like my “first bow kill” to be 😉

    • Irish says:

      I sent them an email yesterday and got this reply back…

      Thank you Irish Cornaire, we have been made aware of this situation and I have forwarded all information I received to our Director of Enforcement.

      Loris Jones

      HR Director/Public Information Officer

      Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners

      333 Guadalupe, Suite 3-810

      Austin, Texas 78701

      512.305.7555 main

      512.305.7563 direct

      512.305.7574 fax


      • Well done Irish. That is good. I just have a sneaking suspicion that nothing will happen and neither will she be prosecuted. Shooting roaming cats is not that bad a thing to a lot of people.

  7. Michele S. says:

    There’s a petition on the Care2 web site to have this woman’s vet license revoked.


    I signed another one on a different site yesterday but can’t seem to find the link for that one at the moment. Will update when I manage to find it.

  8. Sandra Murphey, No. CA, USA says:

    I hope she loses her license to practice, at the very minimum. Restitution to Tiger’s guardian in the form of a huge fine, and jail time, hopefully with cat lovers who can show her what karma feels like.

  9. Leslie McIntyre says:

    I hope this will be on the national news tonight! It makes no sense whatsoever. I thought that veterinarians loved animals!! She’s acting like a sociopathic 13-year-old. Really it’s just so bizarre, besides being cruel, heartless and sick….

  10. Eva D.R.Force says:

    This woman is despicable;to say the very least of what I would really like call her.

  11. Harvey Harrison says:

    She shot the cat in the head but also shot herself in the foot. Did she really think there would be no consequences? How stupid can you get?

  12. Irish says:

    And now there is a facebook page saying support Kristen Lindsey…

    And her blog people have been commenting on…

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