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Thai Farmers Use Cat in Bamboo Cage to Make Rain — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks for highlighting this Michael. It is a barbaric practice, and, as ever, it’s cats who suffer because of a sickening adherence of people to ancient and pointless ignorance.

    Thailand has a an undeserved reputation as a country where all are gentle, spiritual souls who wouldn’t harm a fly.

    Thailand’s reputation amongst those working in rescue and conservation is the opposite. Yes there is huge inequality between the rich and poor, but it’s often the hype from westerners taking gap years/holidays that perpetuates the “joy” to be found in ceremonies where animals are abused.

    The elephants, a huge pull to tourists in Thailand suffer horrific abuse as infants when they are stolen from their mothers and aggressively mobbed in a wooden cage, the purpose is to tame them.

    What chance does a poor little cat have against millennia of ignorance, superstition and now greed?


    Poor little cats.

  2. Oh, Lord!

    Is “Siam” still considered a third world nation?

    I never agree with our invading lowly nations in an effort to “fix” them. But, this cat in a cage getting soaked, sort of makes me want to rethink.

    • I don’t think that Thailand is considered today to be a Third World country. They are quite dynamic and heavily commercialised. But superstitions run very deep. They are hard to remove. I would like to know where the idea that a cat in a cage to make rain comes from. To someone like me it seems a bizarre idea.

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