Thank you, Krista: New Albany, Oregon firefighter rescues cat from tree

The Albany, Oregon Fire Department answered the call for a feline in distress Wednesday afternoon. It was, as the department called it on Twitter, the “classic cat in the tree rescue.”

cat rescued
photo Albany Fire Department
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Krista Sheldon is one of their newest firefighters and was the one to climb the ladder to rescue the kitty and reunite it with its owner.

The kitty is said to be an indoor cat who escaped the home. His owner said her cat was glad to be inside last night where he could be warm.

Albany map

The Albany, Oregon Fire Department was founded in 1868. Their mission is “to prevent and protect from harm.” Apparently, cats are included. It would be interesting to know how many cat-up-a-tree rescues the department is responsible for.

This is the first treed cat story I’ve run across where a female firefighter is a heroine to a cat. Thank you, Krista, for showing females are good at climbing trees when the need arises.

Feel free to leave a word of thanks on their Facebook page.

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