Thankful kitten rescued from highway by police officer sets off siren on way to station (video)

Kitten rescued from highway by police officer

Kitten rescued from highway by police officer

This frightened kitten was stranded in the central reservation (central barrier) on a busy highway. As you can see in the video, he or she was on top of a concrete barrier screaming at the top of his voice as the police officer approaches. The kitten was clearly very thankful to be approached by the police officer. It seems that the kitten recognised the fact that he was being rescued.

I find myself becoming a bit anxious watching these sorts of rescues because as you approach a kitten under these circumstances he is likely, or it is possible, that he will run off under the tension of the moment and into traffic. On this occasion all was well and the kitten remained passive and accepting.

I like the way that at the end of the video the kitten pushes a button or flicks a switch accidentally and sets of the siren. You can hear the police officer apologising to his control centre. The great mystery with kittens being rescued from the middle of busy motorways is how they got there in the first place. It makes me think that they’ve been abandoned on the highway. This would be the most logical conclusion. If I’m correct then of course it is a terrible thing to do.

It would be a way of attempting to kill the kitten. Who gets pleasure from that?

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Thankful kitten rescued from highway by police officer sets off siren on way to station (video) — 6 Comments

  1. The officer was so good about it: his manner, attitude and even adopting it for his family. The fact that he commented that the kitten was grateful was really something too. Police are usually kind of jaundiced, matter-of-fact and unemotional on the job, but he showed the humanity of a guy who knows what matters in this world where lots of bad things happen.

  2. One lucky piseag there Michael,5 years ago I was met with the same exact situation but instead of it being a highway it was a bridge that has high traffic area,I was on my way to get groceries when a dark movement caught my eye and because cars were behind me on the bridge I couldnt stop but as I looked in my rear view mirror I saw that it was a tiny tortis shell piseag (kitten) so I made a u-turn and went back up the bridge and sure enough it was a piseag so I pulled onto a side street and walked up up the bridge and I pretended to I was going to walk past her so I turned and looked and she was scrunched by a street light and I snuck up behind her(thank gawd for the traffic sounds)and I nervously and quickly grabbed her by the scruff and with shaking hands I put her inside my coat,just like with the piseag in this story my situation could have had dire consequences as well due to she could have run into traffic or she could have fallen to her death (150 foot drop) on the rail road tracks below,the photo is her when I brought her home,her name is ‘Irelynn’.

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