Thanks to a Calgary cat cafe, the owner of a cat missing since last summer was reunited with his owner

Thanks to a Calgary cat cafe, the owner of a missing cat who had escaped a cat sitter last summer has been reunited with his owner.

photo Leah Hennel/Post media
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Andrew Humphreys was on vacation last summer when his cat Hank escaped the person caring for his cat. He had given up ever being reunited until recently when instead of studying, the 20-year-old SAIT student was browsing social media instead of studying.

Imagine Andrew’s surprise when he saw Hanks in a post from Calgary’s Regal Cat Cafe. Andrew contacted the cafe and was reunited with Hank on Monday, January 28.

Calgary’s Regal Cat Cafe partners with the MEOW Foundation, a Calgary-based humane society no-kill cat shelter. Hank was placed in the cafe program after he was spotted wandering around town by a member of the Meow Foundation.

Adoption events are held every three weeks. Their combined effort has found homes for more than 330 cats and can house up to 12 cats at a time. The ‘Kitty Visit’ participants pay $10 per person for a 45-minute visit and the cafe is open seven days a week.

Regal Cat Cafe owner Tia Wieler said in an interview with Calgary Herald

“It was so wonderful seeing Hank reunited with his cat-dad. We placed Hank in Andrew’s arms, and he flopped back like he’s done it a million times.”

Regal Cat Cafe cats (photo Regal Cat Cafe)

Although Hank had been renamed Jules, Andrew recognized the unusual pattern on the coat. It was clear when the two met again during the adoption event that the two belonged together. The adoption event saw five cats find a forever home.

Happy endings like this tell us we should never give up on being reunited with a lost pet. They also suggest we are sometimes led to that reunion through fate (being in the right place at the right time). If Andrew hadn’t been procrastinating on his schoolwork and playing on social media the reunion may never have taken place.

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