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Thanks to a caring community, a cat lost for 56 days is back with his family

“If you ever lose faith in humanity … lose an animal and have people show you how good they are.”

Luna reunited with family after 56 days

That is the lesson learned by a U.S. couple who was moving back to the states after living abroad in London. As they were making the trip from St. Louis to Washington D.C. their precious cat Luna was lost for 56 days after escaping at a West Virginia rest stop.

Zach and Holly Tobin said Luna got out at the rest stop and was suddenly gone. Holly stated during a media interview that

The first thing we did after he got out after utter panic ensued, was trying to reach out to the local vets … and the receptionist actually told us about a couple Facebook groups. And so she posted a couple things on Facebook.

It took weeks of waiting for a ‘Luna spotting.’ Teresa Atkins, a local cat rescuer, said she was part of one of the Facebook groups involved in the search who felt she had a duty to find the lost kitty, being that his owners couldn’t stay in the area to search.

I understand they had to get back, they couldn’t stay here, but we were local and we would try our best and we would do everything we could, I mean, there were a few times we lost a little bit of hope. Because there wasn’t any sightings and then we got a call Sunday that he was sighted.

Teresa and her group went to the area where Luna was spotted and set humane traps. When they went back to check them on Tuesday, Luna was waiting. He was reunited with his family on Wednesday when they returned to West Virginia to take him home.

Luna is home!

Holly said the help of the local community who went above and beyond to help find Luna has restored her faith in humanity. The couple believes that without everyone pitching in, Luna would have remained lost.

A sweet video can be seen by clicking here.

In an unrelated story about two lost cats who were allegedly dumped by their transporter, one of those cats has been found. Click here to read the story of Jack and Bean. Jack was recovered around May 11. Bean is believed to be in the Junction, Texas area and the search is still very active with the hope he’ll be found alive so please keep sharing.

$2,000 reward for two cats dumped by a transport driver who ‘needs an ass beating’

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Elisa Black-Taylor

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