Thanks to a microchip, a little girl recently got her cat back and mom videoed the heartwarming reunion

A seven-year-old girls birthday party turned from being a happy celebration to one of loss when her pet cat disappeared in the back of a bouncy castle van following her party on September 9. Thanks to a microchip, the little girl recently got her cat back and her mom videoed the heartwarming reunion.

Screenshot of reunion (courtesy of Sam)
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Alice Morris and her mom Sam thought they’d never see their 20-month-old black and white cat “Belle” again after her disappearance five months ago. Sam and her husband even bought Alice a kitten at Christmas with the hope “Max” would cheer up young Alice.

The family recently got a call from an angler named Ian Hobbs who told them he found Belle 20 miles from where she disappeared.

Belle had been hanging out around other fishermen and spent much of her time knocking over their rods and eating their food in Snodland, Kent at the lake complex. Ian worried about Belle when the temperatures dropped to -5C one night and even allowed Belle to sleep in his tent and eat his food.

map Sidcup to Snodland
Belle’s route from Sidcup to Snodland

Ian ended up taking Belle home when he finally realized she wasn’t a stray, then on to a veterinarian to see if Belle had a microchip. Belle was chipped and the rest is history.

Sam, 37, decided to film the emotional reunion. She told Alice “I’ve got a bit of a surprise, look at me, be calm.” Alice was ecstatic to be reunited with her cat and asked her mom: “Is that who I think it is? Its Belle, hello Belle.”

The family has a third cat named Beans. Alice asked whether Max would have to be given away. Her mom reassured her the family can keep all three cats.

One in three cats will go missing. The happy ending stories more often than not involve the cat being chipped, especially since cats are very good at being found far from home.

Source 1(has a video of the reunion)

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