Thanks to a microchip a reunion 14 years in the making took place

Thanks to a microchip, a reunion 14 years in the making took place in Sydney over the Christmas holidays.

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Bianca reunited with Rosie after 14 years (News7)

This story began 14 years ago when Bianca Zammit was just a child when Rosie the kitten ran away from the family home in St. Mary’s in Sydney.

Rosie didn’t go far. She spent her life just a few miles up the road. When the man who had been caring for Rosie all of these years passed away, Rosie was taken to Blacktown Animal Holding Facility where she was scanned for a microchip.

Blacktown Animal Holding Facility’s Brandon Cowan told news media that having the microchip and Bianca keeping the information up to date is what allowed the miraculous reunion. Cowan stated

“I guess that’s a message for everyone if they find a stray cat, take it to your vet or take it to your local pound to get scanned for a microchip

Bianca had the best holiday gift in getting Rosie back and now she wants to tell those who have a missing cat to never give up.

“Because it took me 14 years. I was always hoping when I was younger that she’d come back. It’s crazy that she’s back … The last time I held her she was a kitten.”

Always have a stray cat scanned as soon as possible There may be an owner out there badly missing their kitty. Rosie apparently had a good life but could have been reunited with Bianca much soon if the man who found her had taken her to be scanned for a chip.

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    That’s wonderful and a great reminder of the power of the microchip!

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