Thanks to a microchip, an Ohio cat has been reunited with his family after five years

Thanks to a microchip, an Ohio cat has been reunited with his family after being apart from them for five years.

cat reunited with family
Thanks to a microchip Quinn is back home (courtesy photo)
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Lori Croghan of Stow says her family adopted the beautiful Maine Coon from Akron’s One of a Kind Pets five years ago after the death of his previous owner. The family changed his name from Nibbles to Quill and did their best to make Quill comfortable.

Quill had been living with only his owner until death parted them and found it hard to adjust to the kids, dogs and cats who lived in the Croghan home. Lori stated in an interview with Akron Beacon Journal

“He was shy, and he was just starting to come out of his shell. We thought maybe he met his unfortunate demise.”

Quill had been with the family about six months when he escaped the house. He was found only a mile away from his Darrow Road home. Lori believes someone in the area had taken him in and cared for him.

Eventually Quill made his way to the patio of Jennifer Albrecht toward the end of May. Jennifer feeds stray cats in her area and started calling Quill “Suzy Q” because she thought he was female. Quinn would sit in her lap and enjoyed being loved on. Jennifer said that although Quinn was in good shape, his fur was dirty and he stayed hungry.

lost cat found
Quinn with Lori (Stow Kent Animal Hospital)

Lori decided to have Quinn checked out by Stow Kent Animal Hospital where she’s taken her pets for the past 40 years.

“I was really hoping for a happy ending, that the owner was still around and was missing the cat and wanted the cat.”

When Lori was contacted by the animal hospital she was confused because the clinic called Quinn by his original name. Since Lori has a cat named Nugget, she thought the clinic was mispronouncing Nugget’s name. When she asked the caller if the cat was a Main Coon, it became clear her lost cat had been found.

Quill hadn’t forgotten Lori. She said he was calm when the staff brought him out and quickly made himself comfortable in her arms. Lori said she couldn’t believe Quinn was still alive and was taken care of well enough to help him survive.

Stow map

Other than having a tattered ear (showing Quinn got into at least one fight over the years) he’s a healthy 13-year-old cat. Lori encourages all pet owners to microchip their pets. Her family had posted flyers and used social media to search for Quinn when he first went missing. It was like he disappeared and he wasn’t spotted again until late May.

The Croghan family is helping Quinn adjust to being back at home. They have a bedroom set up with food, water and a litter box. The bedroom is kept open so Quinn can get acquainted with the other cat and two dogs who live there. If Quinn feels threatened he has a safe place up on the top bunk of her son’s bed.

Without the microchip and Jennifer realizing the cat should be scanned just in case he had an owner, Lori believes Quinn never would have made it back home.

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