Thanks to a Twitter challenge, Chicago PD has their first cat recruit for the ‘Meownted Unit’

This cat tale began back on October 16 when Chicago police officers from the 14th District visited an elementary school with a K-9 officer. Now the department has Pawfficer Gizmo, Chicago’s very own first recruit for the “Meownted Unit.”

Pawficcer Gizmo (CPD Twitter)
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During the school visit, one student noticed the police didn’t employee any F-9 (feline) officers. The Chicago Police Departement 14th District issued a challenge on Twitter letting their followers know that if the Twitter post was retweeted 500 times they’d add a cat as part of their Community Outreach program.

The Twitter post that started it all

It only took a day for the goal to be met. K9 Rozi is training Gizmo (an 8-year-old tabby who comes from a police family) in how to patrol Chicago. Requests are already coming in from the public to visit with Gizmo.

Hhhmmmm…I wonder whether Gizmo will get her own Twitter or Instagram account? It would be nice to see her as she goes about her duties to provide moral support to the officers as well as to the public in general.

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