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Thanks to Everyone From Julie, BB and Freya

Thanks to Everyone From Julie, BB and Freya

by Julie

Freya at Halloween

I would like to thank everyone. It's so good to find people who share their love of cats. I believe BB was dreaming of snakes when she attacked my ankle. We were watching a movie called "Anaconda". BB hates snakes. On Halloween we bought her a wooden one that moves like a real snake. We had to take it away from her because she was splintering the wood.

We tried to come up with creative ways so BB and Freya could enjoy the outdoors. We got BB a harness and leash. The first time a loud truck went by she climbed me like a tree! We have decided to build a window box for them. I found a carrier on line that can be buckled into a car.

It sits in a metal frame and then becomes a stroller. It has pockets for drinking water bottles. It has an inside liner for pet pads. It also has short straps for carrying them on my shoulder. They still hate car rides.

The clicking sounds she makes were part of the "colony" communications. A proper meow can get them killed in predator situations. It shows how clever and adoptive feral cats can be. She has a silent purr. Freya purrs very loudly.

I feel blessed to have bonded with BB. I usually know what BB wants just by looking at her. Freya is going through her terrible two's. She wants to play all the time.

We wish everyone a Happy New Year! BB and Freya are being treated to shrimp and whip creme tonight.

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Thanks to Everyone From Julie, BB and Freya to Feral Cats

Michael Broad

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