Thanks to Good Samaritans and honking horns, “stowaway” cat safely rescued

This is Stowaway, an orange and white beauty whose need for adventure almost got her killed. Thanks to the quick action of several Good Samaritans, Stowaway is currently enjoying life at the Thomas J. O’Connor Animal Control and Adoption Center in Springfield, Massachusetts until her owner or a new forever home can be found.

ACO Sanborn holding “Stowaway”
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Many thanks go out to Animal Control Officer Sanborn, a kind state trooper, an observant bus driver, and cat lovers driving on the road leading to the Massachusetts Turnpike. The bus driver pulled over after hearing people honking at her. As soon as the bus stopped, Stowaway jumped down from the undercarriage!

The state trooper was able to catch the scared but sweet cat and place her in the back seat of his patrol car until officer Sanborn arrived. Stowaway was treated for dehydration, but other than that she’s a healthy cat.

Does anyone recognize her? Stowaway was scanned but no microchip was found. One more reason people should always have their pets chipped. This sweet girl could be home now if anyone knew where “home” is.

If this is your cat, please contact the adoption center at (413) 781-1484.


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