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Thanks to TNR, 30 cats put out of the “kitten making” business in Anne Arundel County — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you Elisa for this story, Heather for spearheading the rescue and Steve for sharing his kindness with Heather, who obviously couldn’t have been a better person to share it with and, further every other participant in this TNR. I am Steve. I don’t have my Heather and have few, almost no friends in my area, and have been scouring Ally Cats articles for counsel. I’ve been told the one shelter here is a kill shelter. I don’t know if these cats in the neighborhood are owned. Neither does the one family I speak to who took one in maybe two years ago. She said that a few belonged to someone who let them out unfixed. I want to put up a sign but what do I say? “If you don’t fix your cats I will trap them, fix them and have them tipped?” How do I suggest they identify theirs? It’s a dilemma. Can anyone help?

    • I’d run a public announcement in the local paper as to what’s going on. Keep a copy of it. Then if the cats come onto your property trap away. I was worried about that when I started TNRing my colony but the way I see it, they come on your property you have the right to TNR. If they have an owner that owner is just lucky you’re not taking them to the shelter. If you trap a friendly one it wouldn’t hurt to reach out to friends online and at work and ask if they want a cat. I trapped a feral kitten a few days ago and she’s already got a spot waiting with a local rescue. So that’s one more off the street. She’ll be a house cat when she grows up.

  2. Nice. You’re willing to risk the lives (or eyesight) of all those children, not to mention the thousands of native wildlife that those cats will torture to death just for fun.

    Educate yourself.


    The last time a cat-colony was TNR’ed near a gathering place for children, all the cats were eventually destroyed. Once word gets out about this, those cats will be destroyed too. Thanks for letting us know about it.

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