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Thanksgiving Day is neutral to bad for cats — 3 Comments

  1. I suppose Thanksgiving Day in the USA is in a way like our Harvest Festival here. Churches celebrate in a Sunday service and people take food to distribute to poor people afterwards.
    I think it’s a much better way to celebrate the old ‘good harvest’ but the downside for working people is that they don’t get a day off.
    I don’t think that many people bother at all though, only regular Church goers.
    So cats here aren’t really affected at all by this.
    A friend in the USA was going to drive 85 miles to meet friends to celebrate yesterday, to me that seems a long long way to go just for a few hours and her cat would be alone for most of the day.
    It always amazes me the distance Americans go without thinking twice about it.

    • My sister went about 100 miles yesterday, give or take, but stayed the night. I’ve driven about half that distance to work at a facility in another city and come back the same day. The interstate highway system makes it easy, unless there is road construction or bad weather. Although once I actually got home from 50 miles away in less time than it took my friend to drive across town. The blizzard had everything at a standstill in town, but traffic was still moving on the interstate.

  2. Monty had us both home all morning when normally we would be at work. We didn’t leave until after two p.m. He got outside time on a day he probably would not have gotten out. He got tuna as a special treat. So it was good for Monty. He and took a long nap together in the morning. He liked that.
    My sister is up north so her cat Kobe is alone. That’s not so good. He got tuna as a special treat also, but I think he’d prefer to have my sister there. She’ll be back tomorrow.
    At least neither of our cats had to deal with guests.

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